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BendtheBar 01-28-2013 05:31 PM

What is your weight?
Every time I post a lifting video on other forums, instead of getting a well done, the first comment is always "what is your weight at now?"

Answer: big.

Real answer: who cares.

I am not training for a six pack. I just wanted to share that fact.


ehubbard 01-28-2013 05:32 PM

Or maybe: big but not big enough

bruteforce 01-28-2013 05:35 PM

Twice what the haters weigh. Or at least I am. The fact that you can deadlift more than their 3 lift total should shut them up, but they're too dumb to get it.

BigJosh 01-28-2013 05:35 PM

I honestly think it's a way for skinny weak keyboard warrior college kids to stroke there fragile little egos.
And out of curosity, what is your weight at now, chubby? Just kidding.:ex24:

BendtheBar 01-28-2013 05:36 PM

I'm going to eat. BBL.

leefarley 01-28-2013 05:36 PM

you shouldent have to explain yourself to people.

Hazzard 01-28-2013 05:40 PM

My weight is at faaaaaaaaat.

Fazc 01-28-2013 05:43 PM


Originally Posted by BigJosh (Post 318126)
And out of curosity, what is your weight at now, chubby?


Do you not just think it's people curious so they know what circumstances the lift was done?

When I see good lifts, I'm definitely curious what the fella weighs. Not to put him down, it just helps to put it into focus for me.

Hunterace 01-28-2013 05:49 PM

Just post you lifts here btb! We won't bash you............much :D
I do agree with Fazc though. I'm always curious on people's weight, but I try not to judge. If your working hard at reaching your goals, no matter what they are, who am I to judge and say anything negative!

BendtheBar 01-28-2013 05:50 PM

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