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Old 11-07-2009, 08:50 AM   #1
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Default Bodybuilding Broscience

You have any good examples of broscience. I was reading a thread, forgot which one, and someone brought up that term. I was reading about it this morning on

I also found this at the Urban Dictionary.

1. Broscience

Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.

Broscience in action:

"Bro, you gotta slam 40-60 grams of waxy maize plus 20 grams of BCAA within 7 seconds of finishing your last set of squat rack curls. Otherwise, you'll go straight catabolic."

2. broscience

Word of mouth knowledge passed off as fact, primarily among bodybuilders + weightlifters. Generally spouted most by guys who have used loads of steroids and are huge, have no idea what is happening to their bodies and then share that same cluelessness with others who make the false assumption that their experience means that they have knowledge.

Watch who you listen to. Seriously. They are everywhere, sharing their knowledge - B5150.

"I never had any hairloss when I pinned the testosterone in my butt cheeks, but when I tried pinning in my bicep, I went bald" is some broscience you could find in a forum, or a gym
bodybuilding weightlifting brotelligence steroids gymrats

3. BroScience

Anecdotal evidence presented as fact by unqualified, yet confident indvidulas in the body building community.

Rampent within liftring forums and message boards, the information is usualy based on hearsay with little to no scientific evidence to support the claims made by the individual.

Examples can be limited to a single fram of mind: It worked for me, so it works the same way for everyone!

There is actually a forum that is called broscience dot com that caters to these claims.

An example of Broscience is as follows:

If you want to cut fat and get muscle definition, do high reps, low weight
broscience borscience brosceince bodybuilding myths
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I hate Broscience.

People mistake their opinion for science. I have no problem with people's opinion, unless there just so full of crap I can't stand it. However don't quote your opinion as science unless you can back it up.

Remember, science requires that you provide how to repeat your findings and everything must be in the open. If I can't achieve your results using your supplied methodology, your science is in question or wrong.

I try to make sure that what I post is clear, in what is my opinion, or when I'm qouting a source.

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What GL said.

Many bodybuilding/powerlifting beliefs are broscience, especially from the steroid end.

There's so much BS in the training arena, and a lot of it came from steroid-user's broscience. Not hating on those that use - not at all. But, some users tend to think they've found the holy grail of training techniques and diet methods when in actuality it's more the workload and drugs.

Much of the tripe we're fed in bodybuilding magazines are programs and diets from users that shouldn't ever be packaged without their drug plan. Drugs, training and diet are 3 parts to the equation. Take on part out, and it's like saying:

"I won the Indy 500 with Geo Metro using Eco-friendly fuel."

What we don't know is what was under the hood. Will people run out to buy Geo Metros after this statement? Some will. I know it's a silly analogy, but the logic is the same.

Seriously, bodybuilders take so much more then steroids...test, steroids (deca, Dbol, whatever), HGH, clen, thyroid crap, on and on we roll...that you should never, ever try the broscience diet/training of a bodybuilder unless you know what he's taking and what gains he made from while on what.

There are so many factors involved in the drug end of the sport, opinions are rarely given based on science. (I took such and such dose of deca for X weeks while on training routine Y and gains were Z)

You're far better off getting data from the logs of casual, non-pro steroid users.

In the natural end, the following broscience is annoying:

I gained 65 pounds of muscle!

No "brah" you were underweight to begin with. Going from 120 to 185 doesn't mean you gained 65 pounds of muscle. It's called puberty.

I weigh 230 pounds at 12% bodyfat so worship my training/diet program!

Bullcrap. This makes you almost as big as Mike Mentzer, and much bigger then most Olympia competitors from the 70's and 80's. You are now on par with Shawn Ray "brah." Shawn is 5'7" and 210 ripped at the Olympia.

Seriously, you should now equal Franco Columbu, and make Reg Park look like a pussy.

You weight 230 pounds and have 30% bodyfat. Either:

A) You can't read a caliper.
B) You don't own a caliper and own a "bodyfat scale."
or C) You're full of shit.

One thing I know for certain, we'll never see your pictures or videos.

You must eat X amount of grams of fast-acting whatever 10 seconds post-workout or you will DIE!

You must eat X amount of protein every 3 hours or you will DIE!

You must blast a muscle from every angle or you will DIE!

You must train like Arnold or you will DIE!

I have training methods that work for me. Be a scientist with your own body. But whatever you do, don't go OCD. Stay logical.

Get strong. Eat strong. Rest strong. And if you're going to compete, talk to someone that has competed.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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bodybuilding, broscience

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