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Chillen 10-22-2012 09:00 AM

Empower the Super Power! :)
May this day bring all that you desire, want, and will ever need.

“I pull you and take away your pain. I will show you all the beauty you possess, if you only let yourself believe, and let me do my job.”

(This is your heart speaking to you)


MaB---- my gift to you today is to have you realize that you have the intelligent capability within you to do anything you so desire and choose.

You are the MASTER of any environmental DISASTER

Precision Tuned Masterpiece: (working with your environment)

Bring Heart by realizing you are a work of Art from the Start.

Bring Power by Empowering your Willpower to be the Superpower

Bring Spirit by a Commit not to Quit

Bring Confidence with Intense Defense of your environmental Offense

Bring Control by being on mental Patrol to Circumvent your Environment

Bring Strength by mental Apprehension and bring a new Dimension to self Invention

Result: A MaB member that is a Brilliant Masterpiece

Its in our heart, dear friends:

Massage your Heart; it will never Depart and you will always remain a work of Art.


You going to go all the wayTODAY because you have the mental SPRAY to go all the FRICKEN WAY; you will never DECAY and always be OKAY.........because this is YOUR DAY!...............ROCK ON!

That IS correct........YOU CAN DEAL WITH IT!...........ROCK it BABY! :)

COOK it........REAL GOOD!.........Make it BOIL BABY!............................>>>>>:)

Best wishes to you all today and everyday,


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