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Chillen 10-09-2012 11:03 AM

Heaven or Hell its your choice! Wake UP! Crank it!
There is a heaven (your head and body):

One walks in their...Heaven...everyday.

Its you and the body.

And, every time you continue your diet and exercise, you take one pill out of the heaven toward your goal.

Yes, there is a heaven. Its you. And, you walk within it everyday.

An opposite Thought:

There is a HELL

One walks in this HELL......everyday.

Every time you make an excuse to not exercise (when scheduled) or inappropriately cheat on the diet, you take one pill from this HELL against your goal

Yes, there is a HELL, and you walk in this everyday you make an inappropriate choice when dealing with the natural human impulses of the body.

Answer: Be Heaven.

Sink this Sh$T in your brain muscle mass! Exercise it! Feed it, and you will be more consistent in winning more often than you lose.

And, when this happens....

And brand new you appears. You smash records. You pull GOD-LIKE Weight, and for others, you see a brand new you standing in the mirror you always wanted.



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