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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Default No one can hurt you without your consent! ROCK ON BROTHERS!

Ya know, I have been training my old ass for a number of years now. Muscle (naturally is a painfully slow process, especially when you have less then half the testosterone of some of your younger brothers), but ya know, "it is what it is, and I don't give a f^ck. If I sat an wallowed in my age, and the accompanied draw backs of aging, I would get nothing fricken accomplished.

F^ck that....ya know..

You know when you are consistent and trying to push better than last workout, sometime things just creep up: Like this morning. I was doing the Military Press (2nd set) and for some reason irritated my pelvis. Now, how in the ^^)^(*^^ do I do that one? Like many times before, I pushed on....yes, pushed have to (within accomplish good things). As I write this it is hurting....

But tomorrow I still do my Lower....ya got that?

I like to be lean and have a revealed core of abs, along with strength and endurance, and don't care about the stero-typical BS you read on forums; the reasons I want this and do this are very personal, and again, I flat don't give a f^ck.

As stereo-typical as they are, getting lean enough to reveal the core, and "staying this lean all year" is hard work, and a lot that "bark" (not all mind you) are the ones that failed at it, cause they just cant handle the structure to get that lean.

The point here is: People can not penetrate you without your personal consent and permission. If you want what you want, don't give a F^ck about what people say: I sure in heck do not, trust me on that one.

The world is full of critics and jealous people and the more successful you become the more they will come out of the woodwork to attack you (Because it’s easier to tear down someone else’s castle then to build one of your own, isn’t it!)… BECOME SUCCESSFUL ANYWAYS!

You DON'T deal with these loser butt-heads, you ignore them and you deal with your own response to them. (Especially coming from some gutless anonymous jerk who doesn’t have the spine to identify himself and say it to your face).

If you allow someone else’s criticism bother you, let alone “devastate” you, then you have just allowed someone else’s opinion of you become more important than your opinion of yourself. No one can “hurt your feelings” without your permission.

I do not look for other people to motivate me. I have always been this way. because TRUE motivation comes from within---but with others, it can be defined in many different sort of ways. But I DO look for togetherness and bonding with other people.THIS ROCKS!

Criticize your permissions people and ROCK ON!

Dont with rant.........

Most importantly......

Put a smile on someones face today. Show them you care and support them.

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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brothers, consent, hurt, rock

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