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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Ya know, brother and sisters in the fight, I was doing some this is dangerous! Uh..........oh.....I may explode! He,he....LOL.

Our we need to exercise this as much as we exercise our other bodily parts....because it is this (the brain) that gets you in trouble!.....

Ya got a' rock it! Ya know!.....

Chillen's free thoughts: (this is a scary and frighten' thing!)

We have to master our own thoughts; the brain can sometimes be like a court room: with a defense attorney, prosecution attorney, Jury, and Judge, all presiding in session.

What is at stake: Death by lethal injection, Life sentence, a prison term with a fine, or being set free.

This is interesting when one looks at this hypothetical brain set up analytically

Here is the hypothetical setup:

Issues on trial: All inner thoughts and emotions and outside stimulus brought to the court room (the brain).

The defense is the one defending the action and/or inaction

The prosecutor is the one wanting to prosecute you for the action or inaction

The judge (like a conscious) is the one that determines if the defense or prosecution are full of Sh@t, and passes some decisions to keep the integrity flowing.

If a deal cannot be made between the defense and prosecutor it goes to the Jury for the decision, and this can lead to: guilty or not guilty, and then the judge decides the sentence if guilty, which can lead to: Death by lethal injection, Life sentence, a prison term.

If a deal is reached between the prosecutor and defense attorney, the disposition depends on the issue that was dealt which can lead to: Life sentence, a prison term, or being set free.

The head is like this court room. Its more than just a hat rack. Come on sista! Use it to your advantage!

Without going further, how does this hypothetical set up apply to our lives within diet and training: when we don't want to train, thinking we dont have time to train, but not really making the time, and so on and so forth, cheat on our diets, have low self esteem, or self worth, or other types of issues?

When working this out.....all pieces of the court room have to be in play.

Adapt and overcome.

This is a term I learned in the military, and its a phrase that has a lot of truth and can assist one over many hurdles and obstacles in life. your problems, know your enemy.........remember the phrase from the Godfather?........Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer?.............Twist this, replace enemy with anything in life that impedes your patch toward your it bring it close, know it better than most anything else.........and then KILL IT!

KILL IT!!!!!!

ROCK ON! Today and everyday!
Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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brothers, consent, hurt, rock

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