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General Board You can talk about anything here. Life, sports, rants, whatever.

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Default Voices in my -Aj Sailor

This is a note frommy Lil bro Aj, got it off of FB. This is pretty good stuff!

Every day, I take a 10-minute walk to Gold's Gym here
in Liverpool, NY. I walk into the gym and into the locker
room and get ready to train. I take a few minute before
I walk into the training area to focus myself for what I
am about to do. Then, I hear 2 voices in my head trying
to convince me of what I should be doing.
The first voice says: "So, you're back in here again.
That's cool and all but what's the point? You come in
here and you think you're doing something by lifting
weights and sweating like there's no tomorrow. Why do
you do it? There's no point in it. People look at you and
laugh at you because you are different. You don't need
to be lifting all that weight. You're fat and lazy and if you
want to be accepted by everyone else, you need to stop
with all the weight training and just go over to the cardio
machines and do cardio every day and forget that whole
'alpha freak' idea. Shit like that ain't going to get you a
girlfriend or get noticed by people. Peopel are only to
like you and want to be around you if you're like those
kids on Jersey Shore or those guys in the Twilight movies
- those guys are real popular and isn't that what you
want? Lifting weight and eating all that chicken is not
going to get you to be liked. Matter fact - you should just
stop going to the gym all together. Most of America is
'big' like you and who doesn't love the big, jolly guy in
the group. Plus, you get to enjoy all that good food you
like to cook and eat. What about your mom's cooking.
Don't you miss that? I know you want some of that
cheesecake or sweet potato pie, don't you? Don't you
miss getting drink every weekend and having a good
time. You got that bottle of vodka sitting in your
refrigerator - why don't you leave the gym, get some
cranberry juice, crack open that vodka, get drunk and be
like the rest of America. Go enjoy that drink and go
order 2 pizzas and wings and just eat and be happy.
Why are you denying yourself happiness. Look at all
these people who eat what they want and live decent
lives. They don't complain about having shoulder or
knee issues when they go to the gym because they want
to be happy and not punish themselves. There's more
to life than being a 'meathead' or 'gym rat'. C'mon bro -
just walk out and never go back. It will be the best
decision you ever made."
One the first voice finishes, there is a brief silence and
another voice starts to speak to me: "So, I see your back
in here again. Good! I'm glad to see that you're
dedicated to this. That ****er that is trying to convince
you to stop coming here is getting desperate because he
knows what happening and he doesn't like it. Every time
you come in here and give 200% in your training, you're
getting stronger. Every time you sit and eat those meals
of chicken breasts, broccoli, and brown rice, you're
getting stronger. Every time you say no to going out and
getting drunk and partying like those idiots on the Jersey
Shore, you're getting stronger. And as you're getting
stronger, the weaker he becomes until he won't be able
to phase you at all. Yes - you are sacrificing a lot by
making this commitment but I will tell you - it's all
worth it. Just by you making the choices you have made,
you're going to beat out that diabetes and gout that runs
in your family. You're going to be able to do more and
live longer. You're going to be the best version of
yourself. That's another thing - you're meant to be an
alpha freak. You weren't born human. The people in
your life made you believe that you're just human and
like everyone else. That's why they didn't let you play
sports. They saw how naturally athletic you are and they
didn't want for you to make that your focus of life. They
didn't want you to be the high school football star who
played for an championship-level college team who
plays for the NFL and is know as the most ferocious
player on the field. They didn't want that. They wanted
to CONTROL you to be what they want you to be and
that is what that other voice is trying to do. But you're
an alpha freak - a being that has transcended beyond the
limitations that have been created for him. You take
what you want, when you want, and don't take no for an
answer. You do the unorthodox because you are
unorthodox. You train like a FR3AK because that is what
runs through your veins and conventional training is not
effective. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror.
People always tell you that they think you weight at the
most 280lbs but you're 364. That's three hundred and
sixty-four pounds. You're losing the fat but adding that
freak muscle. You're getting stronger both physically and
mentally. Those sheep that you see in the gym with their
cut-off t-shirts training their abs and caring more about
their hair and girls than their training - they are nothing
compared to their NIGHTMAR3 MONSTROSITY that you
are mutating into. In a year, while they look exactly the
same, you'll be walking into that gym sitting at 300lbs of
solid muscle and will continue to train to mutate into
something more devastating. The road to that will be
long and arduous but the end results will be well worth
it. So you have a decision to make. Will you walk out and
never come back and be a sheep for the rest of your
life? Or will you go out there, start breakin' shit and
mutate into something unimaginable? You must
So, I sit there and I make my decision. I stand up, put
my headphones on, put my hood up, put my head
down, proceed to the gym floor, and commence
unleashing brutality and breakin' shit. I am an
aLpHafR3ak and I know what voice I'm listening to. Do
you? -Aj
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