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Chillen 06-09-2012 08:43 AM

All Muscle and Brawn members are packed with Dynamite!
Packed with Dynamite: Paradise Awaits

Muscle and Brawn Members are Pack'n:

1. Blazing hot and award winning personal features for best performance that is absolutely stunning ourselves into a personal masterpiece.

2. Muscle and Brawn Members are fully loaded personal inflation fighter, cocked and locked, revealing our inside secrets to mind-blowing miracle cures to all diet and fitness perks raising us above and beyond the power, performance, and speed of our wildest dreams.

3. Realizing the searing hot and valuable information inside ourelves, which reveals our total commitment and supportive backup. Muscle and Brawn Members realize this shines even in the dark and is simple but powerful.

4. The ability to sell to the ourselves: That we can personally perform. All Muscle and Brawn members have become the: "Master Personal Salesman"

The mind-body connection and the personal ability to sell personal power when it resists.

Muscle and Brawn Members are absolutely: "The Personal Sales Center."

All Muscle and Brawn Members contain the treasure chest and quadruple crown from "Kicken' some Butt's" League, and is the life master, life saver, with lifetime rewards!

YOU continue to ROCK Muscle and Brawn

Best wishes,


Ascend 06-25-2012 05:02 AM

That was the perfect article to read before my workout...

Now I'm off to bench a 1000!!!

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