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Chillen 05-25-2012 08:55 AM

Fortune Favors the BOLD!
Good morning fellow M@Bers. How are you this wonderful morning?

Muscle and Brawn you continue strong.
Your willpower will never steer you wrong.

Muscle and Brawn you are smart.
Your heart will never depart.

You have internal spirit and will always be near it

We are better then the rest, because we have quality people supporting one another for a common cause, a common purpose, and have a sense of morality that no one else can compare to

================================================== =====

Its no Joke: We at Muscle and Brawn have the Breakthrough Formula!

Personal Ingredients:

The 4 TOPS of precision.

1. A professionally-personal technician with the master plan. Revealing the new king of top grade, top notch, top priority, top producing, and precision tuned practical solutions, to any and all diet and fitness complications encountered.

2. Prime Time Productive Power: Pulls it out from the inside and seemingly from no where to bring personally profitable results and nothing else compares: Is blessed with the power tools of a motivational specialist.

3. Phenomenally installed, intelligent, and intensive, personal leader and self king of personal choice. Distinguished Choice Control.

All Muscle and Brawn members are familiar and famous and just personally fantastic

These ingredients can make us fearless, fast, and personally fascinating!

Yes, all Muscle and Brawn Members have the breakthrough personal formula!

Muscle and Brawn has the passion, desire, and self discipline, and all of us will go far within our personal goals---because we are a team....working together.......and can not be broken.....

Best wishes to you!


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