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Chillen 05-23-2012 04:09 AM

The true light
I rubbed the magic lamp........

My balding head........and POOOF! It gave me a wish...and it was granted....Let everyone know THEY are really the best and the TRUE LIGHT..

Each of us has been given immeasurable gifts. They are all around us. Some are in clear sight, and some we may not even realize exist. The important thing is, however, to make use of what resources and talents you do have, donít squander them. Give it 100%, and do it with a smile. Work hard even on simple things, because though they may not matter a great deal to you, they might be life changing for another person. Share the talents you have with others; give them some inspiration. Put some love into it. Live each day to its fullest.

The TRUE LIGHT are all Muscle and Brawn Members

The brightest star from the surface of the earth is the SPIRIT of a Muscle Brawn Member unbroken.

The most vicious vision is from a Muscle and Brawn Member with WILL formed from the same SPIRIT.

Themost ferocious HEART formed from the same SPIRIT will never die.

DREAMS surrounded with HEART, WILL, and an unbroken SPIRIT, can not be stopped.

With all of our dreams, all of our hopes and desires, we Muscle and Brawn Members are the brightest and only star formed on earth:

Muscle and Brawn Members grow strong mental limbs from the root of knowledge.

We as members let the limbs branch out and bring in strengths.

We let the leaves on the branch grow to soak in the light of overcoming weaknesses.

When the time of the season comes, these leaves will fall off and return to the ground near the root, exposing the TRUE LIGHT

The TRUE LIGHT is all of us on the forum banding together

Love and respect one another. There is more strength in this than diversity and and separation.

Love yourselves enough to do what it takes to reveal the goal you desire.

You never have to doubt whether its in you.

For a laugh today:

Proper attitude!


Don't be mentally BOO-BOOED with improper ATTITUDE!

DUDE, please INCLUDE the proper ATTITUDE!

With proper ATTITUDE and good diet FOOD, YOU'D be WOOED and not SCREWED

HEHHEHEHEHE, buh, ha, ha!

Keep on ROCKEN. Give a hand to another member today or a word of encouragement. We are the brightest star of all forums on the internet, because........we are united, band together, have each others back, are a family, and are geared to never be broken or allow anyone to interfere with what we have......

Much peace and happiness to all members today.....


BendtheBar 05-23-2012 09:14 AM


Love and respect one another.
The most important rule in life.

Add to it a servant's heart and a willingness to say I am sorry, and you just about have all the tools you need.

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