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Default Do not have "unnecessary pity" and being a hard ass simply works.

I don't have the words to utter to example all the feelings I have for the way diet and fitness has changed my well-being and "overall" physical health.

I want people to know and feel this feeling, and this is the reason, I post the way I do on the forum. But, some of my successes has come with a price paid, and peeps need to know the truth....

My aging body has responded wonderfully well, but this has come through "multiple self-learning processes" while trying to intelligently and efficiently manipulate the almighty calorie (macro nutrients) and exercise, and adapting it to my "personal" bodily feedback.

From the very beginning it was a lifestyle change--with no excuses, it was going to be implemented, knowing I was going to meet some challenges in order to break some previous habits.

If I stop the very things in which got me to the point of my goal, then my body will slowly erode away from my goal, and this is just common sense. So, I have to either develop a maintenance plan, or progress to additional goals to keep what I have earned. So this is a life style change, period.

From the beginning I had this (brief synopsis) mindset:

I am an extreme "hard ass" and give myself no "unnecessary" pity; with "nearly" every decision there is a consequence, and if one makes a choice they "know" isn't exactly what they should do, then one wallows in the consequence of the choice made.

I learned a long time ago, that the body can "reasonably absorb" a lot of stress and still function properly and adapt and overcome.

The "only" time I do not train when scheduled is when it is "just not possible" with the circumstances and responsibilities of life for this to happen. I don't allow emotions to interfere, because the choices were not there, and its a factor of common sense.

I have trained in the gym after working 12 hours, and knowing I was going to have only 4 hours of sleep after I was done. I have gotten up 2 1/2 hours before work to train, knowing I had 10 to 12 hours of work ahead of me.

When my shift hours changed, I just manipulated my fitness schedule around it.

I flat do not make excuse.

In my opinion, there is an important distinction between an "excuse" and a "reason".

Fitness is "a part" of my life and I give it priority importance as I would any other elements of life.

I don't have time for the friggen "petty choices" in life that would belittle and/or interfere with my fitness activities.

However, I do have time for working with legitimate "reasons" that fall in within the responsibilities of life.

There is a huge difference between the two.

If I can give you any advice, it is to stay "faithful and true" and be completely honest with yourself in what you do, and be very consistent in the application of knowledge within diet and fitness. I promise if you build a "history trend" of fighting and don't give up, your goal will be achieved.

This is the bottom line, really, IMO. And, is the very reason I have been personally successful. I just flat wanted it, and "nothing" was off limits of getting "the boot" if it hindered my goal in some fashion.

You appropriately handle "choice" within your life (when concerning diet and fitness), and you will become nearly unstoppable as you work down your goal path.

It does feel good, doesn't it? When you look in the mirror with all the work you have put in, and sacrifices made, to see the reflection of your goal sta back at you. No temporary food, no pain or stresses felt when making sacrifices can replace this emotion.

Be proud of yourself in all that you have accomplished.

WE on the forum have a common bond. A common kinship. A common brother and sisterhood. WE share goals as we walk this life. And, as team in walking this life, we can never be broken.

When you arm yourself in the circumference of knowledge applicable to your goal, and partake in goal driven "perception of this knowledge" by applying the "super glue" of power (the basic fundelmentals) and then go beyond just the basics, one can implement and apply this different perception to resolve problems that develop and create some freedom of the self at the same time.

What is that you hear?

You are just hearing your own voice of power inside you. It has always been there.......

Peace and happiness to all of you today.

Put smile on someone's face today, and give a encouraging word as well.

Makes our small space......

A better place.......

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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ass, hard, simply, unnecessary pity, works

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