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BendtheBar 07-06-2009 10:07 AM

The NO BULL rule
The no bull rule...

If you make a outrageous claim, back it up with pictures or video. If you do not, you will not be allowed to give training advice on this forum.

What constitutes an outrageous claim? ...

"I have 20 inch arms at 5% bodyfat."

"I can deadlift 650 pounds, so follow my deadlift program."

"That routine sucks, you should follow mine because it has given me amazing results."

Bottom line. This isn't a hack, e-stats forum. I want this to be a forum where no one hides behind an avatar. Try to be open and honest about where you are at. Also, try to not make blanket statements about what does, and doesn't suck.

I want you to contribute your experiences. I DO NOT want you to heap up BS without backing it with evidence.

BendtheBar 04-08-2010 09:00 AM

Just a reminder that this rule exists.

Also, an addition...

If you are going to post on training and advocate a specific system or slant, you need to have a picture of yourself on your avatar, or on a forum profile gallery.

Pictures and videos keep this forum transparent. This rule does not exist to see "who is bigger and stronger". It exists to weed out e-stats gurus who know a lot but workout little.

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