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BendtheBar 05-06-2011 08:22 PM

Smith Machine Closegrip Bench Press
Smith Machine Closegrip Bench Press

Muscle Group: Triceps
Secondary Muscle Groups: Chest, Shoulders
Exercise: Compound Exercise
Movement: Smith Machine
Mechanics: Push

How to perform Smith Machine Closegrip Bench Press.


1. Place a flat bench underneath the smith machine. Place the barbell at a height that you can reach when lying down and your arms are almost fully extended. Once the weight you need is selected, lie down on the flat bench. Using a close and pronated grip (palms facing forward) that is around shoulder width, unlock the bar from the rack and hold it straight over you with your arms locked. This will be your starting position.
2. As you breathe in, come down slowly until you feel the bar on your middle chest. Tip: Make sure that as opposed to a regular bench press, you keep the elbows close to the torso at all times in order to maximize triceps involvement.
3. After a second pause, bring the bar back to the starting position as you breathe out and push the bar using your triceps muscles. Lock your arms in the contracted position, hold for a second and then start coming down slowly again. Tip: It should take at least twice as long to go down than to come up.
4. Repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.
5. When you are done, lock the bar back in the rack.

Caution: If you are new at this exercise, it is advised that you use a spotter as this exercise can be a bit challenging. If no spotter is available, then be conservative with the amount of weight used.

Variations: This exercise can also be performed with a barbell or e-z bar using the inner handle as well as dumbbells in which case the palms of the hands will be facing each other.
Smith Machine Closegrip Bench Press Videos:

Abaddon 05-06-2011 10:31 PM

The smith machine is good for something?

BendtheBar 05-06-2011 10:56 PM


Originally Posted by Abaddon (Post 135432)
The smith machine is good for something?

Well this is only an informational post. Travel at your own risk.

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