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BigJosh 01-12-2014 03:32 PM

Mission 2014: 250lbs; Join Me, Guide Me, Help Me.
Starting this to get the ball rolling. I will update frequently.
My goal for 2014 is to Get to 250lbs or less.
In 2013 I came down to 260 from 300. I primarily just ate low/no carb. Initially my weight loss was quick, but eventually it slowed down and stuck around 260ish. My strength took a huge hit.
I have been bulking since October and am up to Between 275 and 280. I will get an "official" weigh in tomorrow morning.

My Short term goal is to get down below 250lbs. I want to do this the right way, minimizing muscle and strength loss. My plan is to count calories. I purchased a scale and have an account on my fitness pal.

I plan on the first 1-3 weeks being a transition period. I will use this time to get back "in the groove", if you will. I will began cooking all my meals again and get in the habit of tracking my calories. I will eat instinctively during this time and worry more about the logistics of things than actually adjusting my caloric intake. I will probably not need a full 3 weeks for this, but am allotting myself this amount of time as I am a working professional, single parent and am a busy guy.

After that point I will set a caloric deficit and eat to that deficit. I plan on starting at 500 calories below my baseline and seeing how that goes for a few weeks.

At least for the time being I will not be too concerned with macros. I will eat more protien than fat, more fat than carbs. However, I would appreciate any suggestions as I go down the road on where my macros need to be.

That pretty much is the run down thus far. Most importantly, I will need your help. I will have questions and will need your guidance. This is something I have never done before. Thanks!

As far as logging, I will more than likely log daily nutritional intake, but not log each meal.

bamazav 01-12-2014 04:26 PM

You can do this!

TDawg75 01-12-2014 04:37 PM

Good luck!

linedriver465 01-12-2014 05:58 PM

You got this brother. Push for progression in the weight room and keep an eye on those calories and you'll hit your goal no problem.

Bill 01-12-2014 06:36 PM

Will have to change your name to Littlejosh.

I am down about 45-50lbs. Dieting for 3 more months then I'm done.

All diet, no cardio.

Good luck

BendtheBar 01-12-2014 09:47 PM

Do it man. I am right there with you.

big_swede 01-13-2014 02:16 AM

Good luck Josh!

ravimolasaria 01-13-2014 03:33 AM

Good luck brother ... you can do it ... :rockon::rockon:

5kgLifter 01-13-2014 08:27 AM

Good luck, Josh :finger:

KD5NFW 01-13-2014 10:11 AM

Not going to wish you good luck because none is needed here. Set your targets and hit them and you will be at your goal weight in no time at all!

You got this (Not quite as) Big Josh :D

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