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Shorts 07-01-2013 09:52 AM

So I started my CBL today, I want to run this just because it seems to fit my style of eating!

I am just going to run it and see where it takes me, ideally I would love for it to get me down to the 181 class, but if not at least I gave it a shot.

I took pictures this morning and will be using that and my weekly weigh in to gauge the diet progress.

Bodyweight: 195.0

I will have 6 back loading days in the week and one no carb day due to my training schedule. Looking to get in about 165 grams of carbs in the evening.

I'll get the photo's up when I can tonight! Excited to see what this does.

BigJosh 07-01-2013 10:05 AM

Good Luck. I too have found this style of eating to be very effective for myself.

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