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BendtheBar 02-05-2011 12:02 PM

Anthony Ditillo Comment
A comment left about Anthony Ditillo on MAB:


I first Tony back in the mid 70′s.When his dad owned the candy store in elizabeth.Tony trained in the back room.I remeber reading an artical in iron Man Mag.written by Tony,I gave him a call out of the blue.he talked to me like we were old friends.He helped me with my training.he turned me into a power lifter.I brought alot of records after that. My friend who trained with me Cos Torres & Tony trained together for years.The Elizabeth Y.M.C.A. was the iron room then.Iíve still got the jacket from there.Tony was over 300lbs.cos went about 230,me a skinny 260Lbs. Tony trained me from a skinny kid up to a tital holder.When the three of us went into a all you can eat resturant they chased us out You eat to much.HA! & we did.Iím still training to this day. thanks to Tony,Iíve still got all the routins he ever put together for me.I moved to Fl.Cos moved to Az. But Tony still called me every week to check on me.Still remember his house on Inslee Street in Elizabeth.If there was ever a GENTAL GAINT it was Big T.Heíll always be in my heart till I die.He was God sent,now he trains with him.When I go I hope Iím lucky enought to train with him once again.There will never be another Tony.I miss him alot,God bless you Big T. I thank you for being there for me.Heís a true brother & one of power liftings greats.He was quite & never bragged nor threw his weight around & belive me that was alot to throw around.Iím a retired police officer after 30yrs. on the job & there was plenty of times I wished he was by my side.Now heís always by my side.For those of you that never had the pleasure of meeting him,you missed alot.God Bless Tony & may your family always be safe.Your never forgotten by the ones you loved & those who loved you.Iím proud to be one of them.Miss ya- Brother.keep pushing ><

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