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BendtheBar 05-10-2010 08:11 AM

Best Old School Physique You've Never Heard Of?
The Harold Zinkin post made me think...

List some old school bodybuilders we might have never heard of that had amazing physiques.

I'll start with Harold Zinkin.

glwanabe 05-10-2010 08:47 AM

I'll get back to this later.

Musclememory is a site that has tons of good old school stuff. There are some great physique's to discover.

MuscleMemory - The Internet Bodybuilding Database

bamazav 01-23-2011 09:56 PM

How bout Larry Scott?

Carl1174 01-24-2011 06:38 AM

Both very impressive (although im not too sure about the second ones 'trunks')

Someone I had never heard of was Alexander Zass... not as impressive as the top two, but Id still swap physiques with him...

George Sheffield also had a great physique


Rich Knapp 01-24-2011 09:58 PM


Bob Birdsong

kitarpyar 07-17-2011 10:12 AM

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This thread looks old and dormant, but looks like a fun thread to me.

A former Mr America Jim Haislop, from late 1950s and early 1960s - hadn't heard of him until a couple of days ago. I were into bodybuilding, this is the sort of physique I would like to sport.

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BendtheBar 07-17-2011 11:34 AM

Nice Kit. That's a new name to me. Never heard of George Sheffield either.

dmaipa 07-17-2011 06:43 PM

BendtheBar 07-17-2011 07:52 PM

^ Who dat?

Abaddon 07-17-2011 09:02 PM

yeah, who is that??

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