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Fazc 09-23-2012 03:33 PM

Old kit and bars for sale
Only for UK guys, sorry US!

Few bits and bobs to sell, as I've moved down in weight class as well as a couple bars and accessories. Most of the gear would be good for a 100kg lifter, or even a 105kg.

Centurion Squat Suit (wide stance):

Powerlifting Squat Suit Centurion | eBay

Titan F6 Bench Shirt. Hasn't had much use:

Powerlifting Bench Shirt F6 | eBay

Titan Superior Squat Briefs. Had a fair bit of use but in good nick:

Powerlifting Squat Briefs | eBay

XL Slingshot. Got a Maddog myself :)

XL Slingshot | eBay

Trap Bar. This is a nice piece of kit, but it's just never found itself of much use to me, so I'm selling on:

Trap Shrug Bar | eBay

20kg Olympic Barbell. One of the Fitness Superstore ones, it's got a slight bend in it but nothing major:

Powerlifting Olympic Bar | eBay

Titan Knee Wraps. Just some cheap old knee wraps:

Powerlifting Knee Wraps | eBay

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