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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default Ultrareps info

Originally Posted by AX website
Get Better Workouts

Doing reps up until it burns simply keeps you the same size. Doing reps past the burn, to complete failure, grows muscle. A single serving of Ultra Reps, taken pre-workout, will increase your muscle’s ability to contract stronger for a longer duration, by fighting off muscular fatigue and burn.

Increase Endurance

Whether it is running, biking, or lifting weights, Ultra Reps helps you push yourself harder and further. We all know that burning sensation that you get towards the end of a workout. It slows us down and makes it harder to push ourselves. Ultra Reps significantly reduces that burning sensation you feel so that you can push harder.

Stimulants Optional

Ultra Reps contains no stimulants. Whether you are looking to cut out stimulants or simply want something that does more than get your all stimmed out, Ultra Reps targets specific and common problems that limit your workout. It is easy to mask the real benefit of a product when it is full of massive amounts of stimulants. Feel the benefit without the mask of stimulants. You are free to add them separately or not at all.

What to Expect

Ultra Reps is best for athletes who commonly experience muscle fatigue and burning sensation towards the end of a lifting set or workout. Many people fail to reach their in-training potential because they do not train past muscle failure. Pushing beyond muscle failure is a key principle to muscle growth and a must for any strength building training program. The problem is that muscle fatigue and the associated burning sensation begins before muscle failure causing some people to stop before true failure. Ultra Reps limits this burning pain so that you know when you have reached muscle failure, it is when you physically cannot lift more.

You will experience three main benefits: noticeably less burning sensation in the muscles while exercising, increased endurance, AND an improved aerobic capacity (i.e. you don’t run out of breath as easily). All of these help you get a much better workout and reach to your goals faster.

The Science

L-Carnosine, a simple amino acid, is one of the most effective ingredients to prevent the buildup of lactic acid. The problem with carnosine is that it cannot make it through the digestive system in its native form. By entrically coating Carnosine, like time-release medications, pure carnosine makes it to the cellular level to directly break down lactic acid. Coupled with German Creatine and pure ATP, Ultra Reps delivers more recovery, endurance, muscle, and power at the cellular level.
I am using the Wild Berry Flavor. I was not sure what to expect to start, as I am used to getting the caffeine kick from a pre-workout with stimulants. That said, I am trying to cut back on my caffeine to promote better sleep, but still need help with recovery and focus. I have been using this product for about a week now.

Taste - 8/10 A light berry taste, not over powering, but enough to make this enjoyable to drink rather than needing to choke it down.

Focus 8/10 - This is where this product has succeeded in my book. While I don't get the charge I have from stimulant laced products, I find my focus during training spot on.

Strength 8/10 - This is hard to evaluate, as I am working around an injury. That said, my endurance and strength on those lifts not involving my lumbar region have been great. I am near pr levels on many of them.

I would recommend this product to those who want a pre-workout but for whatever reason can not have stimulants. Do not be turned off by my 8/10's those are great on my rating scale, I never give a 10/10 as there is nothing this side of Heaven that can't be improved some how.
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