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Default A Squat Routine

A Squat Routine
by Mike Kennedy

As most of you know, I am not one for putting all the wild routines there are in my newsletter, “The Lifter.” The following is definitely an exception to this rule. Like Mike McDonald’s Bench Press Routine a couple of months ago, I feel this has something to offer any level of lifter and is applicable to anyone’s routine. I first became acquainted with this lifter, Dennis Wright, while vacationing in Oklahoma. I was told I might contact him and catch a couple of workouts when I was down that way. Dennis works out by himself most of the time so he said he was happy to have the company, so we proceeded to catch a bench-squat and a bench-deadlift workout two of the days I was there. From meeting Dennis I was impressed with his enthusiasm and dedication to the game and I would like to share this squat routine with you. Dennis is a winner and this is a winning routine. I have tried it and fell it is a great change of pace from whatever you might currently be doing, and believe you me, it works you.

The routine below is based on a 590 squat in training prior to the time when he last competed. It is divided into three general types of workouts. These don’t necessarily need to be done on successive days and I have simply numbered them 1, 2, and 3.

1.) This is a heavy repetition day, with a short warmup followed by these heavier sets. For example, Dennis warms up with 245x10, 400x6 and 475x3. Then he does 4 sets of 5 repetitions with the heaviest poundage he can handle. It is important to select a weight that allows you to finish all the sets and reps each time. For Dennis this is usually about 500 lbs. After the 4 sets of 5 reps, finish with 2 sets of about 6 reps each of “full” squats. By this I mean take your squat down as far as possible for these 2 sets. Dennis says this has done a lot for power and stability in the low position. For these sets, he uses around 400, and this would be dependant on his energy levels that training day. For those of you just beginning these, you may want to start light, as they feel completely different than a conventional power squat.

2.) Here is the part of the three-routine sequence that I feel has the greatest merit. This really gives you some basis of realizing if your squat is or is not improving over time. After warming up with the same three sets as in No. 1, proceed to do a set each of 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 rep working up to the last single at about 80-85% of the maximum. For Dennis this 5-set series would look something like this: 500x5; 510x4; 520.3; 530x2 and 550x1. As in No. 1, finish with 2 sets of 6 reps in the full squat.

3.) In the third workout of the sequence Dennis works only sets of heavy triples. After the three warmup sets he does 4 sets of 3 reps with weight around 540. Again, this weight is flexible as to how you feel that day, etc. Then the two sets of full squats to finish off.

About two weeks or so prior to a meet he will change to simply doing sets of heavy doubles.

This routine is not going to revolutionize training on the squat. Many of you are probably doing something similar to this now. It does, however, have definite direction and it does work.

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