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SeventySeven 02-15-2012 09:50 AM

My first Machine Muscle article
Heeding the Call of the Iron | Machine Muscle

How does one discover the sport of bodybuilding? Seeing Arnold in The Predator? Seeing Jay Cutler on the cover of a fitness magazine? Or simply training for your sport? For me it was a near death to near crippling stabbing. As the Doctor described as “obliterating”, I nearly bled to death after having the artery among other parts severed in my left arm. Once the bleeding was under control, then came the challenge of assessing of what damage was really done. Would I ever have full use of my arm? 23 hours of surgery and some borrowed parts from my left leg and I was on the way to recovery and having a new lease on life.

I grew up playing hockey, football and soccer. I liked to get out and have some competitive fun, be it in pick up games or in an organized league. I lifted recreationally but never truly trained seriously. I considered myself “decently in shape” as I carried some muscle mass and had some cardio strength. This all quickly dissapeared as I recovered and I hid behind excuses of my recovery to eat poorly and not exercise. The real eye opener was after being cleared to be involved with high impact exercise, I played a game of hockey. Fifteen minutes in and my chest was screaming for air every joint and muscle screamed in pain. I used to able to do this for hours! It was time to do something about it.

Dedication is KEY!
I had at my disposal a tool that many of the current veteran bodybuilders did not in their first steps to the sport: the internet. I started doing research on how to get myself stronger , take back what I had lost and improve. This is where is where I discovered my love for bodybuilding. Not only could I compete in a competive sport but I could also achieve pro status even after starting at the age of 24! This got me pumped! My dreams of playing in the NHL were long gone but I had found a new dream!

Successful bodybuilders do something very well–They set goals and they achieve them. With a big goal in distance and interm goals along the way, they work effortlessly and tirelessly with many sacifices to achieve what they set out to do! Why should they stop at bodybulding? This is a lifestyle and it should apply to all other aspects of your life. Your career, your family, your hobbies everything you want to excel at! Bodybuilding is the stepping stone to a successful and healthy life. This is one of the biggest lessons bodybuilding has taught me.

What a life it is!
Stepping into the bodybuilding world is like jumping light speed and ending up in some other galaxy. You have no idea what to do or where to go! There is a plethora of information and a ton of learning to be done and it can be overwhelming! What kind of diet do I use? How many times a week do I workout? What are the best exercises? Your head can start to spin because there are a million answers and you’re trying to find the right one! I learned that the best approach is to keep it simple! Learning proper form and technique, pushing for constant progression and leaving your ego behind will get you rolling when supplemented with a good, clean diet. I look at diet and training as a 50/50 split. Both need to be in sync to get optimal results. I dont care how hard you train or how well you eat! Unless both of these practices are firing at full capacity, your tires will never stop spinning and you’re going nowhere fast! Like a good marriage, both parties need to work together!

After seriously getting into bodybuilding, I have set the goal of getting my pro card as a natural athlete before I’m 30. My life started to change in every aspect. From waking up to going to sleep, I looked at everything differently and I lived my life in a completely different way. I applied what I practiced at bodybuilding to everything else that I did and I noticed my test scores were up, my social relationships were improving my bank account was getting bigger! What a huge push to continue to improve on my new found life skills.

As a rookie in the sport of bodybuilding, I hope to share my highs and lows, what I have seen and learned and ultimately, what I have achieved since I heeded the call of iron!

BendtheBar 02-15-2012 12:00 PM

Nicely done.

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