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Default Get Ripped in Three Weeks
by BendtheBar 01-12-2012, 11:44 PM

Get Ripped in Three Weeks
by Don Ross (1983)

In the age of "instant everything" everybody seems to want a miraculous shortcut. This program is designed to achieve the fastest results. You will utilize three principles which produce an extremely strong effect.

The first principle is more frequently overlooked, but success is impossible without it. That is MENTAL ATTITUDE, or more specifically, faith. You must be certain of your success. Spend time visualizing the end result. Tackle each workout with the determination to reach this end. Stay in tune with your body and FEEL these changes taking place. Think of these results each time you force out an extra rep.

The CRASH DIET consists of low calorie, muscle-building foods. It contains about 900 calories. Yes, you read that number right. This is to be used for a short period of time only. Prolonged dieting on such a low caloric intake will result in muscle loss and worse. Adhere to it strictly for three weeks and no more.

1 oz. high fiber cereal with 1/2 cup nonfat milk
3 eggs (soft boiled)
1 orange or 1/2 grapefruit
1 good multi vitamin/mineral tablet
500 mg. lipotropic acid
5 dessicated liver tabs
1 kelp tablet
Tea or coffee, no milk, honey, or sugar

Green salad with vinegar or lemon juice (no oil)
Glass of purified water
1 lipotropic tablet
5 dessicated liver tabs

3 chicken thighs (skin removed)
1 medium sized apple
Herbal tea (no caffeine) or water

The final element is, of course, THE WORKOUT. You will use the push-pull system. Each exercise is alternated with another that produces the opposite movement. A set of bench presses, for instance, working the chest and triceps, is alternated with bentover rows, working the upper back and biceps. The purpose is to maintain CONSTANT MOVEMENT. You exercise the pushing muscle while resting the pulling muscle. This provides cardiovascular work. Meanwhile, an excellent muscle pump takes place since you are bringing blood into the same latitudinal segment of the body. This feeds the muscle tissue nutrients for growth while eliminating the waste products of energy production (fat burning).

Since you're resting only enough to get to the next piece of equipment, you will have to start with the heaviest weight you can use for the prescribed reps. With each set, drop down in weight and do as many reps as possible. Use the prescribed number of reps as a guide to the amount of weight you can handle.

This is a two-way split routine. Half the body is worked each day. Do this for six days, resting on the seventh. Perform five cycles of each super-set. Advanced trainees do seven or eight cycles.

Begin with flat bench dumbbell presses, palms facing your feet. Your elbows are out to the sides, hands in line with the elbows. Push the bells up, touching them together at arms' length, creating a slight arc in the path and a strong contraction. Alternate this with bentover dumbbell rows. Brace your head against a high bench or stool. Pull both bells up to your rib cage, palms toward you. Bring your elbows back.

Now do dips. Elbows out to the sides. Chin tucked in the chest, leaning forward. If you can't do the required reps, do pushups between two benches instead. Alternate this with upright rows done with two dumbbells. Pull your elbows high, bringing the weights to your upper chest.

Now alternate behind the neck presses with lat pulldowns.

The next shoulder-upper back superset starts with front raises. Holding a barbell, raise both arms with your elbows locked to just above level with the top of your head. Next, take a medium grip on a lat pulley bar and pull down to your thighs, keeping your elbows stiff throughout the movement (straight-arm pulldowns).

Brace your head on a bench as you did with the bentover DB rows. With two light dumbbells perform bentover flyes (rear laterals). Your arms stay slightly unlocked for these. Alternate with flat bench flyes for the chest, using the same slightly unlocked arm position.

Biceps and triceps are worked together (even though you keep moving constantly, you are still working hard and using all the weight you can properly handle). Start with dumbbell curls on a 45-degree incline bench. Hold your palms forward throughout the movement. Keep your elbows pointed down, especially at the end of each rep. Alternate with decline dumbbell triceps presses (extensions), on a situp board or decline bench. Hold two dumbbells, palms toward your head, thumbs down, elbows up. The bells are on either side of your head. Extend to arms' length for each rep.

Lay on a flat bench under a lat machine. Taking a close grip on the bar, do curls to your chin, keeping your elbows up. Alternate this with close grip pushdowns on the same lat machine. Concentrate on each repetition in all your exercises, making each one count like it was your last. Lower the weight slowly.

The next day, you will train midsection and lower body. Start with weighted situps on a Roman chair. Do not bend back below parallel. Superset this with hyperextensions.

Now lay face down on a table of high bench. Hold on to the sides, your legs and hips off the edge. Keeping your knees straight, raise both legs behind you until your back is arched (reverse hypers, that new-fangled movement people keeps talking about, eh). Alternate these with hanging leg raises.

Begin leg work with full hack squats. If your gym doesn't have a hack machine use a barbell and raise your heels on a plank of wood a few inches high. Alternate this with standing leg curls, using a floor pulley and an ankle strap if your gym doesn't have a standing leg curl machine. Leg work is plenty tough. Take several deep breaths between reps and keep getting them.

Conclude your thigh supersets with legs extensions and lying leg curls.

Follow a set of strict standing calf raises (all the way up and down with a good stretch and hard contraction) with this unique exercise. On the standing calf machine, move forward so your heels are on the board and toes off the front of if. Now, raise your toes as high as possible and contract the front of your calves, then point them all the way down (standing tibia raise). Do twice as many cycles of this superset as the others.

In the past it was thought that you had to do high reps for definition and low reps with heavy weights for size. We know now, of course, that either builds size, and either, when combined with diet, builds definition. Since you are aiming for a goal in a short period of time, you must burn a maximum of calories. Therefore, you'll use higher reps with little or no rests. Here is the layout:

Workout Part One

Dumbbell Bench Press -> Bentover DB Row
15 reps each
Dips -> Upright DB Row
20 reps
PBN -> Pulldown
15 reps
Front BB Raise -> Stiff-Arm Pulldown
20 reps
Head Braced Rear Lateral -> Flat Flye
20 reps
Incline DB Curl -> Decline DB Extension
15 reps
Lat Machine Curl -> Pressdown
20 reps

Workout Part Two
Roman Chair Situps -> Hypers
25 reps
Reverse Hypers -> Hanging Leg Raise
25 reps
Hack Squat -> One Leg Curl
20 reps
Leg Extension -> Leg Curl
20 reps
Heel Raise -> Toe Raise
20-30 reps

After you exercise, ride the stationary bike or jog for 20 to 30 minutes of aerobic work.

Deep breathing is especially important in a fat-burning program. The more effectively your body burns fat, the more oxygen you will require. Exhale on the exertion and inhale deeply on the negative movement. You should have to take two or more breaths per rep on some sets if you're working at the right intensity. Take a series of deep breaths as you move from one set to the next,. Keep moving.

Can you actually achieve sharp definition and even muscle striations in only three weeks? This depends on how far out of shape you are and how long you've been in that shape. Obviously it will take longer if you've been carrying around 40 pounds of bodyfat for years. If you are solid, but not cut, you can do it in record time if you apply yourself and make it happen.

Whatever your present condition, you will notice considerable changes after three weeks of adhering to this program.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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Good lord, that sounds like the most torturous thing ever! I really would like to lose some weight, but not like this...

Still, I give major props to anyone who can pull this off over three weeks.
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That makes me cringe. Then I seen the date 1983. Thats almost 30 years ago. I am sure glad we know what we know now about the human body.
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ripped, weeks

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