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Default Bodybuilding Workout Routines - Peary Rader

Bodybuilding Workout Routines
by Peary Rader (1955)

An advanced bodybuilder usually prefers to arrange his own workout routines to suit his needs and is usually capable of doing this because of his experience. Beginners, however, should follow routines which have been developed by the best instructors in the world and which have been proven effective. We therefore list the following bodybuilding routines and assure you that they are some of the most result-producing yet devised.


Two Arm Press
Two Arm Curl
Bench Press
Rowing Motion
Calf Raise

This routine can be followed from one to three months. Work up to three sets of reps in each exercise. This routine should be performed three times per week.


Two Arm Curl
Two Arm Reverse Curl
Two Arm Press
Two Arm Press Behind Neck
Bench Press with Varied Grip Spacings
Rader Chest Pull
Stiff-Legged Deadlift
Rader Chest Pull
Side Bend
Calf Exercise

This is a rather heavy program and should be performed three days per week with ample rest and plenty of nourishing food. You should not remain on this program more than 6 weeks at a time, then alternate to a different program. Use 3 sets in each exercise.


Bench Press
Two Hands Curl
Rowing Exercise
Rader Chest Pull

This is very effective for gaining weight and should be performed 2 to 3 times per week. Do 3 sets of the bench press and squat and 2 sets of the curl and row. In some instances it is helpful to do 4 sets of the squat. A diet heavy in proteins and high in calories should be followed, with lots of sleep and rest being essential.


Two Arm Strict Curl
Bench Press
Two Arm Strict Curl
Bench Press
Two Arm Strict Curl
Bench Press
Slight Rest, then do:
One Arm Strict Curl with body bent slightly forward
Two Arm Extension while in bench press position, keeping elbows high and pressing from upper chest
One Arm Strict Curl - work both arms
Two Arm Extension
One Arm Strict Curl
Two Arm Extension

The above exercises should be performed one right after the other in alternate fashion. This will pump the muscles full of blood and make them feel swollen. The one arm curl can be performed with a barbell or you can use a dumbbell if you prefer. Use 8-12 reps in all exercises and use plenty of mental concentration and be very careful that you do every exercise in strict style and do not cheat. The triceps and biceps must do all the work.


Flatfooted Squat
Stiff-Legged Deadlift
Heels Raised Squat
Stiff-Legged Deadlift
Flatfooted Squat
Stiff-Legged Deadlift

These exercises should be performed for 10-12 reps and without rest between exercises.

Note: In instances where you are specializing on the arms, legs, back, or other parts of the body and doing no other exercises you can use up to 6 sets of each exercise with benefit and without going stale. If you are specializing while at the same time doing exercises for the rest of the body you should confine your sets to not more than 4 for the specialized exercises.


Alternate between the raise on toes and the raise on heels (front calf raise), doing 4 sets of 20 reps each. Also include a raise on toes while seated with bar resting across the knees, and perform all calf exercises with your toes (or heels in the front raise) on a block.


The squat performed for 20 reps with a rather light weight, not over bodyweight for advanced men. Special attention should be given to complete and strenuous breathing. Take 6 deep breaths between each rep. Be sure to expand the chest to the limit. Lift it high with each breath.

Do not worry too much about the poundage you use. The breathing is the important part of this exercise.

Follow the breathing squat with a set of pullovers. Do a set of bench presses with a wide grip and be sure to touch the chest with the bar on each rep.

Now do:
1 set Rader chest pulls (20 reps)
1 set Rowing exercise
1 set Bench press (wide grip)
1 set Rader chest pulls (20 reps)
1 set Rowing exercise
1 set Bench press
1 set Rader chest pulls (20 reps)
I set Rowing exercise
Finish with pullovers

This is a very strenuous program and no other exercises should be used while working on other parts of the body. You should use only 1 or 2 sets of the breathing squat. Usually one set is enough. You should always walk with the chest held high. Use good posture. Try to maintain the chest expansion you obtain during your workouts. During the day try to find time to perform a few Rader chest pulls. This will help you maintain your chest expansion.

The Rader chest pull is probably the most effective chest stretching movement ever devised. Great results have been obtained from it when other methods seem to fail. It is a little difficult to learn properly but once learned it is easy to do and can be done anywhere and anytime. Anyone can learn it with a little persistence.

You should do about 20 repetitions in this. You can do a few repetitions at any time during the day with benefit, for it is an exercise in which you won't go stale and you can do it anywhere you can grasp something solid about 6 inches above the top of the head.

Take a position as shown in the photo and grasp something a little above the height of the head. Now pull down and inward with the hands and at the same time breathe in to your maximum. Breathe into the upper chest, never the lower chest. Lift the chest high and keep the head high and back a little. Tense the neck muscles, as this helps to lift the chest. You will notice that the chest muscles are tensed up and pulling hard. It is the chest muscles (pectorals) that do the lifting and pulling of the chest, resulting in expansion. You have to learn to pull hard and be sure the pull is downward and not inward.

If at first you fail to feel a little pain near your breastbone, you are not doing it right. You may be tensing the abdominal muscles which would pull the chest down and flatten it. You must keep the abdominal muscles relaxed. When you can feel this pain around the breastbone you are doing it right. It means you are stretching the rib box.

You will soon become very expert at doing this exercise and getting the right effect and your chest will feel high, arched and stretched after a session of it. Try to maintain the expanded feeling by correct posture, Chesty.

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