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Default It Gets Good When It Gets Hard
by BendtheBar 11-29-2011, 09:06 AM

Meathead Inc. – It Gets Good When It Gets Hard

This last Thursday, between the turkey and the pumpkin pie, I received Daveís Thanksgiving e-mail on my Blackberry. After reading it, I quickly realized that this wasnít your typical generalized ďmessage from the CEOĒ that Iíve come to expect from most corporations, it was something far more significant. The basic premise was that we should be grateful for the challenges and adversities in our lives because this is the way we grow and ultimately become the people who we are meant to be. In a world that is pathologically lazy and apathetic, this is not a popular message, however, for those of us who are familiar with the reality that great gains are the result of great sacrifice, this message is 100 percent on target.

To put it simply, It gets good when it gets hard.

There are very few athletes that reach the pinnacle of success early on in their careers. Iím not saying that they donít exist, but itís extremely rare. Why do we see so many powerlifters setting incredible records into their late 30ís and 40ís? Chances are likely that theyíre putting the wisdom gained through years in the weight room to work for them. Therefore, they arenít just training hard, theyíre training smart. They take special care to avoid the mistakes they made in the early years of their training. The same holds true in the business world. I spoke with many Senior Executives that credited their current success on shortcomings they experienced early in their careers and their efforts to overcome them.

People who claimed that they never failed, actually make me very suspicious. I assume one of two conclusions about them:

1. They never took any risks and are therefore lazy/unmotivated
2. They have such significant self-image issues that they donít seem to recognize when theyíre failingÖwhich is by far the more dangerous of the two.

The bottom line is that until you have experience, practically everything you think or do in either the weight room or the workplace is based exclusively on an educated guess or opinion. Go through a rotator cuff or ACL repair, or go through a bankruptcy or a lawsuit. Survive it, learn from it, and grow from it.

How many powerlifters have experienced a devastating injury, only to emerge far better than where they were prior to getting hurt? The examples of this are endlessÖpeople overcoming hardships to achieve remarkable results. Adversity creates wisdom and molds us into a tougher, more refined version. Why would we want to deny ourselves such opportunities by being risk adverse?

Always Remember:

1. Setbacks and hardships are always weathered far more successfully if you have a good support system. Family members, training buddies, co-workers and coaches can help more than you know. Accept their support, listen to their advice and donít put yourself on an island.
2. Donít be a victim. Setbacks might not always be your fault, however, they are your responsibility. Blaming others wastes time and creates despondency. It is largely up to you to overcome them.
3. Hope is not a strategy! If youíve suffered an injury, you canít hope to start training again, instead you must do all that you can do to ensure a good recovery. That includes rehab, rest and ice. The same holds true with business; either you can hope that you end the year with a positive gross margin, or you can put in the work to make certain it happens.
4. Problems are normal! It never ceases to amaze me when people are surprised when they experience a setback. I canít remember a single day in my life that was devoid of problems; therefore, problems, setbacks, issues are NORMAL! We should anticipate them and shouldnít lose our minds when they happen.

Weather the storms, learn from your mistakes and gain the experience you need to truly become exceptional.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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Very good read, this will apply to everyone at some point.
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awesome read

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Good read Steve, and a write associated with this sort of topic:

Most "average" persons problems with diet are:

Between the mind (educated reaction, choices made) and one's human body biological response:

A huge part of motivation on a diet (and its close kin fitness activity), is taking the time to educate one's self on the human body from good and reputable source material, and learning how to "effectively" deal with some of your biological feed back the body gives, once a "sound diet plan is implemented".

Even reading material from well respected individuals, one can learn fairly quickly that even they can disagree (at times) on an approach on diet (even tailored specifically) to an individual.

However, there is a main theme between them, I want to convey.

The BEAST in the HEAD must be Wiser than the BEAST WITHIN
(Because it can be a battle of the wills)

Most reputable persons in diet and fitness would agree, that what one consumes in Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, and Calories, regulates (up or down) powerful hormones, influences metabolic shifts (up or down), and the byproducts from these hormones, and metabolic shifts (etc), can affect how you feel psychologically, emotionally, and physically, etc, and can be as powerful as a consuming an external narcotic drug.

And, is "one" of the main reasons people fail so-called diets, have problems with motivation, energy, etc.

Your body is a walking pharmacy store. A pharmaceutical factory that can mix and match its natural drugs, attempting to obtain a balance, repair, rebuild; sometimes its efficient and sometimes its not. Sometimes its on par with your fitness goals, and sometimes it is not. It can effect your brain chemistry.

But, a piece of you is always unaffected, and must deliver---on time, like UPS Mail.

Yet, it is this powerful. You are literally are walking drug store, and these drugs can "vary in strength", "sometimes rather convincing", and "very influential", dependent on several personal factors.

But, sometimes the "prescription medications" the body writes itself isn't "necessarily" in its best interest. It can make you think resistance it is futile.

Let's take a look at this way. A person "assessed" their self as being overweight.

Implements a course of action (changes diet and activity). Let's say this person is extremely overweight (hypothetically). While you are in this change on diet and fitness and "assessing your progress", your body is "likewise assessing itself". The efficiency meter between your "assessment of progress" and the "body's unique assessment" (based on its design intention) can be at "odds" with one another, or in line with one another, based primarily on the body's prescription writing (based on its assessment) and ones dietary/fitness habits.

For example. The body assesses body fat is high (glucose stores, full). You assess body fat is high. You both are agreeable. You start a brand new diet trend to solicit weight loss. Lets assume, this is a traditional diet where it involves a traditional deficit of -500 calories, and macro nutrients are "normal" (so-to-speak).

Since the efficiency is high (again assuming healthy person) between you and the body, weight loss is going to be good (assuming deficit diet in place hypothetically). If the diet implemented contains a reasonable deficit, the bodies "feedback production" can be very low (high in positive low in negative), and for most tolerable. But, as time passes (assuming diet continues), body fat drops (as the body senses its house), the body will down regulate (up-regulate) certain hormones, down regulate its metabolic rate--and becomes more "efficient" in its burning of calories (an use of macro-nutrients), and it "seems" the leaner one gets the more powerful the body writes prescription medications to "compel" one to eat.

There are three elements at work here, working on the body prescription medication response: 1. Body weight is lowering (body's assessment trigger), 2. The body's adaptive element in response to lower calories (which some debate even exists, I believe it does, and it seems tougher on leaner persons than ones with higher body fat), 3. The biological responses to 1 and 2 (good and bad).

Additionally, if a persons is deficit dieting and associating a very low carbohydrate (macro nutrient) intake the "prescription medications" the body writes, and the hormones (and other feedback) released by the body "can" provide additional (and "sometimes" different) but powerful side effects. For example:

Loss of water (water retention can be reduced, and misunderstood as fat loss OR muscle gain by some fitness persons), nausea, light headed, dizziness, head aches, lethargy, lack of energy, depression, and lack of motivation, and so on. And the prescription medications written by the body, the hormones released (and lack thereof, etc, etc), are very powerful, and it can effect you physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

The degree of severity can vary per person (again assuming one is healthy), but in most cases (understanding exceptions), the feedback response to the lack of carbohydrates is short lived (but friggen powerful), and the length of these sort of symptoms can likewise vary in length.

If you are running a calorie deficit, and adjoining very low carbohydrates, it is imperative, that your proteins and fats are up to snuff.

Its important you drink water as well.

Additionally you do not "operate" in a MIND BLIND. In order to handle your biological feed back, you MUST (IMO) embark on a "personal quest" to combat this biological feed back.....that has very high odds in coming in order to "reduce the odds" of personal failure.

Sometimes one has to be a "hard @ass" on oneself to bring results. No one ever said this was going to be easy.

That box of tissue doesn't WORK.

You must be the diet CLERK

So bring your goal PERK by going BESERK

Be a self @SS today!


Education, soaks up the cries for help.

Peace and happiness, brother and Sisters.

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:
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good, hard

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