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BendtheBar 09-25-2011 10:43 PM

Chinese Olympic Training Methods
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BendtheBar 09-25-2011 10:44 PM

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BendtheBar 09-25-2011 10:45 PM

Sample training:


Here’s a few guidelines before starting.

* For the squats, just do a 1RM once a week. It takes too much to keep going to 1RM’s and it cuts your capacity for more work.
* The stronger you are, less time should be spent on strength. More time must be spent USING that strength and power.
* 90% of the training population won’t achieve the point above so stop worrying about it.
* Unless you hold a paper with pre-calculated percentages or have a calculator, using reps to determine the weight.
* Mix your rep ranges, but never stray too far off the 1RM. This is weightlifting, not crossfit or bodybuilding.
* Always do unilateral movements after training, like 1 minute of walking lunges or some lateral raises. Muscular imbalances.

Snatch to 1RM (33)
CNJ to 1RM (32)
Back Squats (5-7 x 3-5)
Clean Pulls (5 x 3)
Behind neck push press (5 x 2-5)

Snatch to 1RM (5-8 x 2-3) – Overhead squat after completion of each rep)
Snatch Balance (5-8 x 1-3)
Snatch Pulls (5-6 x 2-3)
Block High Snatch Pulls with Rebend (6-8 x 2-3)

Clean + FS + Jerk 1RM (5-8 x 2)
Front Squats (5-8 x 1 -3)
Clean Pulls (5-6 x 3)
Behind Neck Push Jerk (8 x 1)
Push Press (5 x 3 )

Back Squats to 1RM (6-8 x 2-5)
Snatch 85-90% (2-3 x1)
Clean and Jerk 85-90% (2-3 x1)
Strict Press (5 x 3-5)

Snatch to 1RM (3 x 1)
CNJ to 1RM (3 x 1)
Snatch Pulls (5 x 3)
Block snatch high pull with rebend (5 x 2-3)
Jerk Drives (83) – About the same weight as your max 1RM back squats

Front Squats to 1RM (5-6 x 1-3)
Platform Clean Deadlifts (5-6 x 1-3)
Snatch Balance (5-6 x 1-3)
Push Jerk (51-3)

If you still have some strength, do whatever you think is necessary to address whatever else your weakness is. Address weakness, increase work, do whatever you think is useful, even if people think it doesn’t work. You’ll be able to tell if it works in 4 weeks.
Play around with it. It’s a fun and easy template.

Pull14 09-26-2011 12:45 AM

Great links bruddah! Forum seems to be gettin some O'love! lately.

I don't mean to defer to other forums, but Kirk, the same guy that writes/runs Lift Hard opened up a thread on the Pendlay forums and has been answering questions and talking more about his experiences with Chinese weightlifting. 23 Pages and much of it is pretty good...

Documenting the Chinese training methods. What you want to know? - Forums

BendtheBar 09-26-2011 01:16 AM

Glwanabe and I explore a lot of Olympic topics behind close doors. I am starting to see more personal application for my powerbuilding goals.

LtL 09-26-2011 05:32 AM

Great read. What I take from this is the great concentration on technique. Too many powerlifters (my field of interest) think that increasing their lifts is purely down to routine or muscular size and strength. Whilst these factors are important, technique trumps all of them.


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