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BendtheBar 09-25-2011 10:40 PM

Olympic Weightlifting Simplified Training
Olympic Weightlifting Simplified Training

Olympic Weightlifting Simplified Training

"There is no absolute scientific basis for the statements presented in this article. It is only an accumulation of ideas we are sharing with you, and is based on years of knowledge attained by gut-wrenching personal training, success and failure in competitive Olympic Weightlifting, reading updated training principles and physiology, and general observation over the years of lifters performing and not performing on the platform and in training gyms.

We were observing a young man train previously when Joe mentioned a national ranked weightlifter had reached elite status and had supplemented repetition deadlifts in his training. For a moment we thought this odd … SQUATS, yes … DEADLIFTS, some, but only performed fast and tweaked-in here and there! This exercise used to be contrary to our mode of thinking … slow pulls … a big fat no-no, but this particular lifters’ success started our mental wheels to turn. It dawned on us unilaterally and we began to discuss between us long-held concern, and deliberations between us, about the validity of the numerous assistance exercises lifters have universally come to accept (including us in bygone times) and have relied on for years to attain progress and success on the lifting platform, training time spent and perhaps wasted on them, not to mention muscle and joint injuries suffered from both excessive overload and an assortment of dangerous abbreviated movements. We decided it was time we speak up and present an alternate approach to serious training to our fellow athletes in the event they would like to give it a try … a simplistic training principle verses highly specialized traditional training.

The primary reason anyone undertakes this sport is to train and lift heavier weights in the snatch and clean & jerk … in competition – plain and simple! When one focuses on the great champions of the past it becomes clear this is an athletic sport which has produced some of the best athletes in all sports. A majority of these were foreign champions who trained in a highly organized environment, good coaches coupled with cycle training. But most western lifters (many truly great) have trained in seclusion or in same groups in less than the ideal environment and needed all the help they can get from many out-sources. Cycle training came on the scene and has helped, and is important; it being creatively adaptable once incorporated into our proposed scheme. "


Olympic Weightlifting Simplified Training

Carl1174 09-26-2011 06:48 AM

nice article Steve


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