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Default Vince Anello Talks With MAB

Vince Anello Talks With MAB

As interview by Big Swede.

Vince Anello, the man who redefined powerlifting. His best lift were 750 squat, 500 bench press, and an 821 official deadlift (880 in training) at@198lbs bodyweight.

MAB: What sort of routine would you put a young, beginner trainee on?

Vince Anello: Train all the muscle groups, not just the ones used for a lift. The stabilizing muscles also. Like a foundation, if one part is weak the structure breaks.

MAB: You packed a lot of muscle on while remaining in the light(er) weight categories. How did you keep your weight down?

Vince Anello: Diet is the most important key, always eating clean 7 times per Day. Keeping protein high. I would also drop water weight By Restricting carbs.

MAB: What are your thoughts on training gear (bench shirts, squat suits, etc)?

Vince Anello: Gear should be used to prevent injury, but it may be becoming too supportive now.

MAB: What workout/style of training did you use as a beginner when you were making your rapid beginner gains?

Vince Anello: I did a lot of bodybuilding movements during my early training along with the three lifts, as I did also in later years.

MAB: How did you structure your workouts and assistance exercises? Did you use a specific template - like a bench, squat and deadlift day, or did you train more than 3 days per week?

Vince Anello: Squat and deadlift on the same day. Because one must get accustomed to training those muscles on same day. Won't matter if you train bench on a different day. Assistance training for other muscle groups on other days.

MAB: How did you periodize your training?

Vince Anello: That is on the attachment.

MAB: What are your thoughts on the modern approaches like Westside and Wendlers?

Vince Anello: Great methods but I believe the common denominator is a mental attitude of success!

MAB: What are some of the biggest training mistakes you made?

Vince Anello: Overtraining.

MAB: Did you use a structured eating plan?

Vince Anello: I ate 7 times per day (Small meals) to allow my body to absorb maximal nutrition.

MAB: What does it take to be successful?

Vince Anello: A bulldog mindset. Bite onto a goal and don't release until it is accomplished!

MAB: Before you approached the bar before any of your big lifts (in the gym or at the meet) what was going through your head?

Vince Anello: Feel success!

MAB: What was your most and least favorite exercise to perform, and why?

Vince Anello: I liked all the exercises I did!

MAB: What are some of the best assistance exercises you'd recommend for a conventional deadlifter and a sumo deadlifter?

Vince Anello: Conventional deadlift - lower back exercises: Good Mornings, Hypers, Shrugs, Partial Deadlifts, Rows. Sumo: Partial Squats, Rows, Shrugs, Hypers, Partial Deads. Ab work for both, for core.

MAB: Whats are, in your opinion, the best assistance exercise for the squat?

Vince Anello: Hypers, Ab Work, Partial Squats, Hack Squats.

MAB: If you had one advice for a beginner powerlifter, what would it be?

Vince Anello: Get with a successfull veteran powerlifter for direction. Train the mind as much as the body!

MAB: What were your thoughts when you saw Benedikt Magnusson deadlifting a massive 1,015 lbs raw? When you were competing, did you ever think someone would break the 1,000 pound barrier?

Vince Anello: Great lift! He is a true history maker! He used no assistance, just strength and power! That is true lifting!

MAB: What are your thoughts on supplements?

Vince Anello: There are so many supplements out there. The main concern should be health!

Vince Anello
Anello Body
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