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Tug Gibson 06-07-2011 11:44 AM

Why Stupid People Make Faster Gains
Why Stupid People Make Faster Gains

Why Stupid People Make Faster Gains

In my younger days, I was really smart.

I read all the muscle magazines.

I spent countless hours reading up on all the latest and greatest training methods from overseas.

I tracked my calories religiously. My workouts were meticulously planned and executed.

And god knows how many hours of my life I wasted on all the bodybuilding forums.

Yup, I knew more about nutrition and exercise science than most doctors. Only one problem… I was puny and weak!

These days, I’m much dumber. Stupid even. I don’t spend much time on internet forums. I couldn’t tell you how many calories I ate yesterday. My workouts are really quite simple — I pick a few major exercise and I slowly add weight to the bar over time.

Certainly not “rocket surgery.”

But it works. Today I walk around with about 50 more pounds of muscle as compared to my younger, smarter self. My workouts are shorter. My diet is simpler. And the older I get, the more I appreciate simplicity.

Appears I’m not the only one. Just got this email from a reader named Tim, and since it vibes perfectly with today’s lesson, thought I’d share:

Tim says,

“I’ve been reading your emails (love ‘em) and recently got off a minor layoff from exercising (about a week or so). I decided to adopt some principles of your last few emails into my workout, mainly 1) do as few exercises necessary, and no more and 2) do squats first for that “boost”, whatever it is. Well let me tell you, it worked!

I have only 110lbs in standards weights, plus a standard barbell and dumbbells. So I loaded up the barbell to half my bodyweight and pumped out as many as I could, taking as many breaths as I needed (based of what Steve Reeves did when he had limited weights). Then I loaded it up to 100lbs and did overhead press. Finally used a “redneck weightbelt” as I call it (a duffell bag and a leather belt) and put 35lbs in that and did some chins. I’m at light weights, but it was a great workout! Best part is, since it is only three exercises, I have even less excuse to wimp out.”

I love it. Thanks for sharing Tim.

If anyone else wants to try a “stupidly simple” workout, check out The 30 Day Beach Body Plan. (You can upgrade and get it when you order The Tried & True Fitness Guide To Muscle & Might.)

This plan involves doing just ONE exercise for 20 minutes straight. Sounds way too simple right? Well, I agree. And that’s exactly why it works.

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