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BendtheBar 07-22-2010 03:03 PM

My Interview with Lisa Aukland
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My Interview with Lisa Aukland by Steve Shaw

Late last year I had the chance to speak with Ms. Olympia contender Lisa Aukland. We never finished out interview, but here are the highlights.

Steve Shaw: Congratulations on winning the 2009 IFBB Atlantic City Pro....can you tell us about the competition? And did you feel confident that you were going to place well leading into the show?

Lisa Aukland: I like competing in the AC Pro for 2 reasons: it is within driving distance from my house so my friends can come and watch me compete locally, and I'm already in shape since the Olympia is 2 weeks afterwards. It is also a very well run show!
Looking at the lineup, I felt confident I would place well. Of course I hoped to win but that is never a given!

Steve Shaw: How do you feel going into the 2009 MS. Olympia? And any specific goals?

Lisa Aukland: I feel like I have some pretty good momentum after winning the AC Pro for the 4th time in a row. I've made some improvements that were noticed by the judges based on the feedback I got. My goal is top 3 at the Olympia. That would be most incredible!

Steve Shaw: What's the hardest thing about competing back to back like this?

Lisa Aukland: Actually I like competing back to back. The only negative is missing out on some "cheat" food after the first show. I'll have to make up for that after the Olympia!

Steve Shaw: When you allow yourself a cheat meal or cheat day, do you restrict yourself at all, or do you eat whatever's near and looks good?

Lisa Aukland: Before I "cheat", I make sure to get the correct amount of protein. After that I don't restrict myself. For example, if I am going to eat pizza as a cheat meal I may eat 4 or 5 oz of chicken or have some whey protein powder before I eat some pizza. I don't like to feel stuffed so I don't (usually!) overeat.

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