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Default Barbarian Method: Training a whole new level
by RobMoriRB 03-17-2016, 07:22 AM


The Beginner guide of the Barbarian Method is recommended for athletes or people who are beginners or Novices to Strength and power lifting training. Everything in the guide will have been developed by myself over the last several years.

I have been developing the training programs over the last several years to perfect all the tiny details to get the most out of it. While developing this program for strength training, it will also help with football weight training.

The program was developed in 2014, with the Idea less is more. You are probably wondering what I mean. Well some programs are pretty complicated with all the %s week in and week out. In the Barbarian Method, only %s we care about is the starting point because after each cycle we use the first weight we started with from last cycle and add five ten pounds and begin again.

Program Progression

Like many other programs we are going to use a progression scheme. What make the Barbarian method different from all the other programs is we have a strict rep scheme that must be followed like the law. Like all programs we start off seemly pretty light for most lifters.

You will notice in the guide, we are going to be going for high volume training in the beginning. We need to hit high volume in the beginning to master our technique down. The first several weeks well be starting at around 60% and our training with five set by five reps.

As we start to close in on around 75-80%, the five sets by 5 reps will start to become very challenging. Once you reach a point where completing the five sets of 5, then the following week you will drop down to three sets by three reps. As you can see when doing a specific number of sets we do the following number of reps.

The progression scheme we use with the Barbarian method is the following:

Program Break Down

In the Barbarian Method we only train three days week, which does not seem like a lot to most people. I found only doing three days a week worked for me because I am a dual sport athlete in powerlifting and football. My body was always taking a beating, so this was the only way to stay healthy through the whole season.

The training program is broken up by the main three lifts, Squat, bench and Dead lift. Main difference between my program and other programs is the assistance work on each day. For squat and Dead lift we increase the weight 10 lbs a week, while bench we increase by 5lb a week.

For Squat and Dead lift day, we will be working our back and bicep muscles. While for Bench day, we will be working our shoulders and triceps. I have always had this training combo because after bench I was always too tired to get some solid work done on the back muscles.

The assistance work we are starting with in the beginning of the program is two exercise per body part minus legs. Once we get past five sets by 5 reps we drop down to one exercise for each body part minus legs.

5x5 Week:
Squat: 380 lbs @ 5x5
Leg extensions
Lat pull down
BB Rows
Hammer curls
BB Curls

3x3 Week
Bench: 310 lb @ 3x3
Shoulder Press
Press Downs
Incline Bench

If you want to know more just message me on MAB and I would gladly answer any questions
MEET Goals(Actual)
Squat: 475 (450)
Bench: 315 (301)
Dead Lift: 525 (501)

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