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BendtheBar 06-03-2013 05:14 PM

Dan John Appreciation Thread
15 Dan John Quotes to Live By - The Chronicles of Strength

"It depends." - On anything and everything.

2. "If you want to be healthier, floss" - On health vs fitness

3. "The best CORRECTIVES are REGRESSIONS." - On corrective exercise

4. "Fat loss is about finding ways to make exercise INEFFICIENT." - On fat loss

5. "Mastery of the basic human movements trumps EVERYTHING else."

6. "Eat like an adult."

7. "Everything you are NOT doing, DO!" - On the world's fastest personalized exercise program.

8. "If you just add in farmers walks and goblet squats, any program gets better universally."

9. "I don't care HOW it works, IF it works." - On exercise/strength training

10. "Strength what is weak, stretch what is tight." - On NOT overcomplicating things

11. "Standards and gaps must be CONSTANTLY a REASONABLE approach."

12. "Eat more protein, eat more fiber, drinks more water, take fish oil, and wear your seatbelt."

13. "Be REASONABLE, folks!" - Advocating a REASONABLE diet and exercise program over a TOUGH diet and exercise program.

14. "Keep the GOAL the GOAL."

15. "Everything works. Just pick SOMETHING and STICK to it!

BONUS: "I thought I could cure a necrotic hip by myself, because, well, do you know who I am?" - On curing his necrotic hip by himself and not succeeding

BONUS 2: All that other horseshit you see online, the INVENTOR takes offense to!" - On learning the goblet squat

BendtheBar 06-03-2013 05:17 PM

#6 and 15 are invaluable.

bamazav 06-03-2013 05:20 PM

I like Dan John. Thanks for posting.

MikeM 06-03-2013 05:29 PM

LOVE Dan John.

"Lift from your heels"
"Lead with your head"
"When in doubt, Front Squat"
"Get strong, then everything else is easy"
"The best anabolic is water"
"You have to put the bar over your head"
"The warmup IS the workout"

Probably the best philosophical strength writer out there. Easily my favorite. McCallum or Pavel is funnier, but John is more incisive and useful. The Sun Tzu of modern lifting theory.

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