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Appreciation Threads Lifter Appreciation Threads. Contains resources, pictures, workouts, videos and articles on specific lifters.

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Default John Christy Appreciation Thread


This is not going to be like your "typical" biography, which is usually filled with a myriad of impressive college degrees, certifications, accomplishments, etc, etc, etc. I'm not saying that some of that isn't important, but what I feel is most important from a teaching standpoint is that a good teacher has impressive experience "teaching". A good teacher is able to present you with information that puts you on the right path, and inspires you to stay there. There are many, many, so-called authorities with multiple "bells and whistles" attached to their resumes who couldn't teach you diddly. So, with that said let me tell you a little about myself.

I've been around the iron game (and athletics) for a long time. I've been lifting, observing, and learning (college education and various certifications) about strength training and conditioning for over 30 years now. Like many trainees, my discovery and utilization of weight training gave me the ability to compete at a fairly high level of competition; eventually playing Division I college football and professional baseball. After baseball, I wanted to "get as big as possible" eventually reaching 250 pounds at 5' 10" with legitimate 20 inch arms, drug free. I've won a few drug-free bodybuilding titles, and have squatted, deadlifted, and benched some pretty big weights. Today, I'm still very motivated to accomplish some lofty goals in raw, drug-free powerlifting. So, I don't want you to think that my only point of reference is what I've accomplished in the past. I'm still going after it hard now. And I'm still learning things everyday. That's enough about what I've done. What is more important, and what I feel makes someone an accomplished teacher is not what they've done, but what they've helped others achieve.

Pursuing my passion, I started a company 21 years ago to help others accomplish their strength and conditioning goals. Today, Total Fitness Inc. administers over 200 one-on-one training sessions per week. During these 21 years I've logged over 60,000 hours of "hands-on", one-on-one instruction, working with nearly every kind of trainee imaginable. Like most others in my field I've got my list of trainees that have accomplished things, whether it is in powerlifting or sports, that would impress you. Trainees that have set world records in powerlifting to others that have reached the professional level in their chosen sport. But what I feel is just as impressive are the trainees that you won't see in Powerlifting USA or on the football field Sunday afternoon. These are the trainees that have overcome various limitations, to pack on thirty pounds of muscle, perform a double bodyweight squat, to improve their 40 yard dash by two tenths, or to make the starting varsity high school roster. And these accomplishments were achieved while maintaining a 'real life' outside of the gym - at home, in the classroom and at work. These are trainees that after training hard for years, sacrificing much of their 'real life' with not much to show except frustration - that had finally achieved gains in size and strength that they'd only dreamed about. I could take this even further and tell you about my trainees who have reached their ninth decade and are still hitting the iron, but I think you get the point.

I'm blessed to be married to a wonderful lady, and have three beautiful children.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

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