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Rich Knapp 01-22-2012 10:06 AM

Did You Know This?
Before any pharmaceutical drug can be tested on humans, toxicology studies must first be carried out to guarantee their safety. As the name implies, these studies help to assess at what levels chronic toxicity may be reached. They also look for potentially dangerous side effects.

Unfortunately, toxicology studies are NOT currently required for nutritional supplements. So stick to brands that are willing to pay for such tests. (HINT: So far, there has only been one All American EFX!)

Even though they are NOT required by our industry (and are extremely expensive!), we perform Toxicology Studies on every new product we produce. Its yet another way for us to set the bar even higher for quality and safety in our industry.

By the way, we are also now in the process of performing additional Toxicology studies on our existing product line as further insurance and proof of their purity and potency.

Brian Andrews "Did I mention before that we will NEVER be the cheapest brand on the market... can you now see why?"

For the full story about there quality control and facts, read more here.

Our Products - All American EFX - Real Drug-Free Muscle Built Here

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