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Originally Posted by ILoveLifting View Post
From the lack of response btb, ii'm assuming you've answered my question in your previous post. Still, i don't see the necessity of being so "scientific" dealing with carbs;
I was eating dinner...sorry, I am not at the forum at all times.

Thanks for the info pal. If I get my protein and fat in, how important is the carb counting as long as total calorie intake is acceptable?
If you are trying to lose fat you need to have some grasp of what you're eating, so it is necessary to count.

I work in the industry. I talk with dozens of competitors and top level trainers each week. The bottom line really is:

If you want to look great, you have to be precise.

If you just want to lose weight and stay on the endless treadmill like 99% of folks out there trying to figure out why they have lost weight but still don't look great, then don't be precise.

To lose weight, you need not be precise.

To lose weight and to retain muscle and look good you must have some baseline of precision. You can try to listen to your body, but that's not enough. That's vaporous, and based on feelings and impressions rather than biofeedback.

Looking the best you can is about precision. You need to maximize current muscle while losing fat. This requires hard training with weights, ample protein intake, and a reasonable fat intake.

The only variable left for adjustment is carbs.

Beyond that, there are 40+ years of history in the bodybuilding and fitness realm dealing with this subject. The vast majority of competitors that look good use carb cycling. They use this system because it works.

The bottom line comes down to...listen to 40+ years of quality anecdotal evidence...something that works now, and has worked for decades for the best bodies on the planet.

Or, try something new.

Being scientific is a necessity because those who aren't, generally aren't successful unless they have good genetics. How do I know, and why should you listen to me:

1) Again, I work in the industry. I talk to top level athletes, fitness and figure competitors, bodybuilders, and trainers each day. I know what they do to be successful because it is my job to know.

2) It is also my job to field questions. I deal with, and personally answer 50 to 75 diet and training related questions each day from folks that are either beginners or individuals who have tried everything and can't figure out what will work.

What I have learned:

--Those that are successful are precise. They learn their body and are masters of details.

--Those that are NOT successful are trying everything and anything with no reason. They have great intentions, often work hard and eat "healthy", but have not made the commitment to be precise.

Many, many folks are in gyms training with weights and eating what they consider to be "healthy" foods, but still failing miserably. The two things they are lacking are:

1) Progressive resistance.
2) A precise diet. A diet can be a lot looser when trying to bulk or add muscle, but that's for another discussion.

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