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Originally Posted by ehubbard View Post
Here is a 13 week Block Periodization Cycle. You can set it up a number of different ways, but the key is to get the required reps in all three lifts in the percentages listed each week. For instance, you can squat on one day up to 60% of your max for 6 sets of 5, or squat twice a week and split the work up into two workouts (one day 60% 3x5, and the next squat day 60% 3x5). During accumulation block you can do non-specific lifts like box squats, Good mornings, etc. but during transmutation and especially realization you should be doing the competition lifts. This template is very easy to follow for a raw lifter, but presents some problems for those that need more practice with heavy loads in gear. Also, during the Transmutation block you will be fatigued and feel like crap. This is good. Also, the volume of assistance work should start very high and towards the end of the block be very minimal (if at all).

Accumulation 60% 6x5
Accumulation 65% 5x5
Accumulation 70% 5x5
Accumulation 72-75% 5x4
Accumulation 77-79% 4x4
Restoration 65% 2x3
Transmutation 78-82 6x3
Transmutation 83-85 5x3
Transmutation 86-89 5x2
Restoration 75 2x2
Realization 90-92% 4x2
Realization 95% 3x1
Realization 97-100% 2x1

Personally I would setup a squat day, a deadlift day, a bench day, and a bench assistance day which would be primarily for recovery and light military.
You have a template for this or who you would set up the lifts? Ive got a few articles on this ive been meaning to read.
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