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Originally Posted by plap0 View Post
I have been in and out of fitness forever and this last time I really got out of it for a long time. My shape was poor and my weight gain impacted my whole life was affected from my marriage to my job. Last month I stepped back and decided that it all needed to change fast. My first day back at the gym it all clicked. I completley love training and I have no idea why I didn't stick to my workouts last time. I was 161 and addign muscle when I stopped.

Now I need to accelerate my results. I started diet 2 weeks ago and I was about 181 pounds, I'm now at 176.5. I weigh myself in the morning after I wake up and go to the bathroom. I want to be at 155 by the end of Januiary because I want to be able to bulk and cut again in time for this summer.

So I want to know what is the best way to go about this cut, bulk, cut cycle with my goal of looking ripped by summer?

Here I am:
176.5 lbs
Lifting weights M/W/F
Daily calories 1720
P/C/F ratio 40/40/20
Goal: establish a base for a bodybuilding body, be done cutting, bulking and cutting by summer.
Instead of giving you a typical answer I am going to go out on a limb and say don't cut and don't bulk. Arnold never did it drastically, and neither did many body builders of the golden age, they stood in peak shape year around, often weighing less than competition weight so they could afford to gain a little muscle going into the competition.

If you bulk by today's means of bulking your just going to get fatter more so than bigger. Modify your diet so that your maintaining body weight and just train your butt off for the winter. Its not so much how you way but how you look anyhow. If you want to gain some weight don't gain more than 5lbs at a time. However you much better off taking the time to put some serious training in.

Without and even with the use of anabolic steroids it takes years of hard work and training to become a bodybuilder, and to build such an remarkable physique.Bodybuilding is a life style.

The easiest way to do that is focus one month on gaining weight and lifting heavier for mass and size, then the next month losing that weight focusing on conditioning, cardio and strength endurance. That way you gained some muscle, and some fat, then lost that fat. Another thing is don't really reduce your calories as much as change the foods you get your calories from.

If you need to consume 2500 calories a day, when "cutting" make sure it is from lean meats such as chicken, fish and good carbs such as quinoa, oatmeal, yams and when "bulking" instead eat steak, pork, baked potatoes, rice,pasta etc...

I only suggest bulking for strength athletes who need more size to handle heavier poundages, grow bigger stronger tendons and consume more calories to keep up with high intensity training that is demanding on the central nervous system.

I suggest cutting when that same person gets too large to the point it is effecting their lifting and overall lifestyle to which they should focus on speed and endurance strength until they reached target range of weight and general physical preparedness.
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