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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I would definitely start eating the frequent meals every 2.5 to 3 hours. They don't need to be big meals, as long as you are eating protein throughout the day. They can look like this:

--Evening Snack

You can also add in post-workout nutrition, like a whey protein shake and a banana - or something like that.

At 85 kg (or 187 pounds), if you want to minimize fat gains and still gain muscle, I would eat around:

--Protein - 190 to 230 grams
--Carbs - 375 grams
--Fats - 130 grams

This comes to around 3400 calories. Watch the scale, and if you are gaining more than a pound per month I would back off the carbs and fats slightly. Everyone's metabolism is different, so you may need fewer carbs and fats.

Don't feel that you need land these numbers exactly. It's good enough to be close. As long as you're eating your protein, and eating about what you need each day for calories, you should be fine without having to worry about every little calorie.

It's all about knowing about what you eat every day so you can make small adjustments along the way.
Thank you for the knowledge! I will keep my goals up now, and post my progress along the way!!
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