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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
A few questions so we know where to start:

--Do you currently count calories, or know about how many calories you eat each day?
--Do you eat frequent protein meals, every few hours?
--Is your primary goal to gain muscle while minimizing fat gains? Or are you looking to lose fat?

Bodybuilder Brad Borland has these guidelines, based on goals. They are a good starting point, but may need to be adjusted.

For meal planning and ideas, etc., check out this article I wrote:

And also this article:

How to Create a Bodybuilding Diet | Muscle & Strength
Thank you, this was readable!

My primary target was to cut the fat and keep the muscle, but now it feels possible to gain muscle, and by minimazing the fat my belly will get awesome?

I dont count calories, and know nothing about my daily calorie intake so this i should set as a goal. And the same about proteins, i dont eat this frequent proteins meal every few hours...

But how many calories should i have each day? is it ca. 200g protein + 370g carbs?

You can say that i am finding out what is needed or wanted to get the results i want!
Im a Norwegian.. I help people for a living!!

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