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Ludovic is off to a bad start

Originally Posted by glwanabe View Post
Thanks MAB,

Sport specialization is a different animal unto itself. That said, I believe that a person could go very far performing in powerlifting events with the old heavy routines.

Wholebody does not have to mean repeating the same workout ad infinitum.
A, A/B, and A/B/C programs can be employed with a high degree of conjugate style program effect.
You still work your wholebody, but attack it a little differently, and you can target specific areas as needed, while keeping the systemic benefits of wholebody training.

A simple repeating program is good for beginners, and they can quickly move into, or just start with and A/B style. Specific movements are important, but utilizing the proper progression scheme is just as important.

Non linear progression has been written about as being the fastest way to gains, once linear progresson stops for novices. The question I have at this point is. According to Casey Butts article about the rate of muscle gain, gains slow down to nearly a stop as you near natural limits. At that point, does the progression scheme really matter anymore? Would then going back and slugging your way through a linear progression actually make more sense at that point?
Fullbody workouts twice a week worked for me, at least several months. For building the initial mass or the foundation, it propably the best way to train.
But some muscle groups tend to respond better than others. Training the whole body at once with the sole purpose of making it bigger is maybe not the best approach. It's not written in stone the a muscle needs to be trained 3/week or 2/week or 3/2weeks. Once a muscle group is big enough there is also the possibility to train it for maintenance, once a week. For the week muscle groups they can be trained twice a week with maybe a little bit more volume until the muscle is in balance with the rest. This is even possible with 3 days of training a week.
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