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Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
No offense to you either but i have been putting in alot of work while u havent been able to get on bro so im actually a little farther along then you think bro.

I didn't forget how to read. I've gone through your log, and looked at what you have done, and where your at. Like I said, I'm very critical of my own progress and where I'm at. I can pump up my ego all I want but it won't change the fact of where I'm actually at.

This is your workouts from your current log. Based on what I'm seeing, you could still be making great progress on a simpler Starting strength type of program. I'm not telling you to stop the 5/3/1, only that you could still make good linear beginner gains.

Your lift stats tend to bear this fact out. Just keep using the 5/3/1 and push it hard. Don't forget, I considered myself to be just a little beyond beginning intermediate.

There are 19 workouts here on a program thats more advanced than what you need. Think what you could have done with an A/B split or fullbody in 19 sessions.

Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Seated OHP:5/3/1
Seated Dumbbell Press: 4 sets of 10 reps
Standing Dumbbell Curl 4 sets of 10 reps
Dumbbell Lateral Raise: 4 sets of 10-15 reps
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Well I am running on about 4 hours of sleep but i did my best (no spotter today for bench)

All in all I am Proud

Deadlift-135x3 warmup,185x2 warmup,205x2,225x1 PR(max)
I threw down on this i maybe could have got 10 more pounds but i pushed it out on this

Squat-185x2,205x1(Max) im thinking of giving 225 a try because 205 went up easy but im not retrying until 6 weeks so may get more

Bench press-135x2(got this to easy but no spotter only the lady that owns it was there so i couldnt push it)

Seated OHP-90x3(easy), 110x2(max)

Im leaving everything like it is for 6 weeks if i do anything ill retry OHP before the day it starts, the idea as wendler says start low so i dont stall out, its gonna be hard staying with low weights but i can do it.
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Great workout, ripped my legs to shreds I can barely Walk but dont give a ****

Notes: Got All my 5/3/1 sets in and also a few extra things, O and I have to Take More time to rest I Took like 30 seconds today between sets

Squat-155x5,165x5,175x15(O YEAH I WAS BURNING)

Leg Extension-100x32,75x30

Leg Press-200x15,290x30,380x15

Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Workout Grade:A
Workout Duration: approx.1 hr
Notes: Got all my 5/3/1 sets done but, on the last set, I got to the 5th rep(which is the minimum reps i gotta have on that set) and i heard the most horrible scream, the guy across from me did to many reps with 265 and it was stuck on him so i slammed my weight up and helped get that off of him, he had no major injuries just lost his breath.

Bench Press-100x5, 110x5, 120x5(had more in the tank but read notes for info)

Db Bench-35x10, 35x10, 25x10, 40x10

Cable Tricep Extensions-60x20,80x20,70x20,80x20(rough stuff)

DB flyes-25x24
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
okay guys i went in the gym today so ready and so pumped until i hurt myself, I was on my third set of deads hit my 3rd rep and was gonna try and get 8 when this asshole walks up behind me and says your not deadlifting right your scraping your shins and as i started to reply i lost concentration/form threw my back into it and felt this horrible pain I need hellp recognizing what it may be After i had to stop at 3 i did some chins to see if they hurt and they didnt after that i called it a day

Okay the pain is in my lower back, I can do any number of things side bends. anything i mean i just picked my girl up off he floor and it didnt hurt to bad, it hurts when i bend over TO FAR and also WHEN I SIT STRAIGHT UP ON A NON FLAT SURFACE LIKE MY BED cause they hammer down when sat on, i think its a pulled muscle and im trying to avoid the doctor because i wanna keep working out, can u guys help.

Deadlift-warmup 135x5 now 175x5(my percentage was 170 but just couldnt seem to set that up), 190x3

Now did some chins to see if it was stiff

chin ups 2x8

Can y guys plz help me out im scared to death i wanna workout monday
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
WEEK 2:Workout 4

Great day easy as sh**, nice pump in the arms and good tightness in the shoulders

Lookin and feelin like a beast

Notes: Some back soreness but not much, think im healing up, had no trouble with the weights

Seated OHP-85x5, 90x5, 95x8

Seated DB press-60x10(30s), 70x10(35s)

Standing DB curl-30x10, 35x10

Ez Bar Curl Burn-45x25, 45x30

DB lat raise-20sx20
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: well guys today I did a 6am squat 5/3/1 and at 4 pm i did bench, did 2 workouts in one day, All day long my back has been saying please stop and let me rest so finally its restin

6 A.M.
Squat-135x5 warmup, 155x5, 165x5, 175x8
Leg Extensions-(slow and controlled reps)-55x30,95x15,100x15,115x10,155x5

Now I wanted to leg press but i pushed one rep of 200 trying to warm up and my back was callin my name so im obviously not fully healed.

4 P.M.

Bench- 100x5, 110x5, 120x8
Cable Tri Extension-70x20, 80x20, 90x20, 100x20

When i tried db bench after this i just couldnt my tri's were shot
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Overall great workout, besides back pain i had to not do all the assistance i wanted

Seated Ohp: 90x3, 95x3,100x5
db curl:35'sx20
Ez bar curl:35x30, 65x20

Im thinkin of going big thurs and fri, with deads thurs, and squats friday, to spark some growth

Im reall likin 5/3/1

I need some ideas on how to get my CNS firing
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: I have Missed 9 days worth of workouts due to sickness and school, BUT I AM BACK FEELIN BETTER THAN EVER, did squats and bench today, dl tomorrow.

Bench Press:100x5, 115x5, 130x1(if this wasn't the 5/3/1 sets i would have definetly pushed about 5 more reps on that last set or more it was easy)
Squat-165x3, 175x3, 185x5

Cable Tri Extension- 80x20, 90x20, 100x10

Front Squats: 135x8 (would have done more but my wrists didnt feel right)
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Not sure how this is possible but the lower back muscle must still be slightly pulled i couldnt deadlift like i wanted to but i did some helpful deads for my back.

Seated OHP-90x5, 95x3, 105x5 (was only supposed to push this once but it was to easy so i pushed it)
Ez Bar Curl- 65x12, 65x5

Deadlift- 135x5/5/5, this was sore in every pull but i can notice the back gettin better
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: I didnt have someone to vid me deadlifting so friday is deads day so hopefully i can get a vid by then, Also I am noticing on bench days when i do a smaller amount of chest work and more tri work benchin is easier.

Workout Duration: 55 minutes
Intra Workout: 1/2 gal milk
Workout Grade: A+

Bench Press: 85x5, 90x5, 95x20(had prob 5 more in the tank but this IS rest week)
DB bench: 40'Sx10, 45'Sx10
Chest Press Machine: 180x10
Cable Tri Extension(burn no rest): 60x20, 70x20, 80x20

Now after this destruction I happened to glance at a barbell loaded with 2 plates (135). Sorry guys i was feelin good so i went slighty off course and hit 135x1(easy)
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Tried some zercher squats today and loved em, i stuck to the program today.

Squat-125x5, 135x5, 145x5
Zercher squat-125x5, 135x10, 145x5(never done these before they really hit the quads)

Workout Grade:A+
Workout Duration:38 minutes
Intra Workout: GOMAD
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Deadlifted fine today no problems great form, tried wendler's kroc rows and loved them, this was my last workout i start over monday with new maxes although i think im gonna leave dl the same and try again since i hurt my back halfway through.

Workout Grade:A
Workout Duration:52 minutes
Intra Workout:GOMAD


Deadlift- 135x5, 145x5, 160x5 (all easy)

DB rows/KROC ROWS-Warmup- 30'sx5, 35'sx10- kroc's- 40'sx20, 45x40- each arm on all
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Took the k-otic before my workout 1/2 scoop, felt no effects and i am in now way giving it a bad rep because on max out day theres not enough work to induce a pump so trust me i know its gonna be beast when theres a real workout ahead.

Bench- warmups-(95x10),(115x5),135x1(old max), 145x1, 155x1(new max) 165xfail

SOHP-90x10,110x2(old max) 130x1 (NEW MAX)

Squat-135x5, 205x5(old max +3 reps),225x3(new max)

Deadlift- As i said before im gonna drop it back to 200 because of back trouble and work up using better form

Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Awesome day, K-O knocked one out yhe ballpark for me today, man was it awesome, focus,drive,pump it was all there. Thankyou richhhhhhh "drumroll" theee freakkkkk KNAPPPPPPP


WARM UPS-95x10, 100x10, 105x10

Working sets-115x5, 125x5, 130x7(done)

A** kickin time- Bench press-115x10, 110x10, 100x10, 95x12

Cable tri extension-80x20, 90x20, 110x10

Kroc Row- 40sx20(each arms), 45sx10(each arm)

Dip Machine-30lb. assistx20

Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes:If you have never had a pre-wo that puts a serious pump in your legs then you havent had K-0, today's saturday and i wanted to chill on my *** but i got up and got it done.

Workout Grade:A
Workout Duration:45 minutes
Pre Workout: K-Otic
Post Workout: 3 taco bell tacos lol


Warm Ups-135x20/135x10

5/3/1 sets- 170x5/180x5/190x7

Zercher Squats-135x5/5/5

Leg Press(knees to chest)-200x15/290x12/380x5

Leg Extension-85x10/105x10

Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: No deadlift today my legs were to beat from squattin saturday so im gonna dl friday on the day that its supposed to be anyway, Did some benchin with higher percentages of my max and some heavy rowing

Warm ups-Incline bench 90x20/20

Bench press- 115x10/125x5/135x2/145x1

DB Rows-55'x10(PR),60'sx5(PR),75'sx3(PR) (all pr's for weight on each arm)

Saturation db rows-45'sx20

Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Great workout today, sorry i couldnt get form vids but i got a few good compliments on my form, one was by a guy who ive seen deadlift 405x6 so that made me feel good, i will get some tomorrow cause i have to OHP tomorrow to get the 4 days a week setup just right.

Deadlift-No warmups(i know its not safe but i felt strong)

5/3/1 sets-150x5/160x5/170x15(PR!!!!! for reps)

DB rows-55'sx5/60'sx10/65'sx5(each arm on all)

Chin ups-4/4/4/5(gotta get better at these)

BB rows-135x7, 155x4, 185x2(all pr's) 85x20 saturation set( Now if you guys remember 6 months ago i could only bb row 95x5 this is the first time trying since then and i pulled 185)
Originally Posted by CoopDawg View Post
Notes: Did some good work today was definetly feeling yesterdays deadlifts today.

Workout grade:A
Pre workout-K-otic
Post Workout-Cell Rush


DB front raises-5x8

DB side raises-5x8

DB bent over side raises-50 total reps

(on the dumbbell work i didnt really count the dumbbell weight i was using because i was basically just trying to hit the shoulders nicely)
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