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Angry Training/Diet advice for ignorant begginers

My friend thinks he can get ripped and huge at the same. It's time for winter bulking, anyway. I tell him he cant get bigger and ripped at he same time, that he needs to stick to heavy-ass compound lifts and forget the isolation lifts for mass, to drink whole milk and eat whole eggs (he's scared of cholesterol in eggs and the TASTE in whole milk), to stop doing the routines of pro bodybuilders, and not to believe every "mass building" routine in the mags, one of which he's on. He listens to cousin "Blake", his training partner. He thinks those male fitness models look "huge". Although I'm only 16, I'm much more developed than him and anyone else at school. He's still so stuborn to listen. I tell him to do deadlifts... he doesn't go "as heavy" (he told me he really didn't go heavy). He trains at a pathetic college gym where "Blake" and the college girls train at, instead of our campas gym, where we rock 130-pound dummbells, broken mirrors, loud music, and no distracting women. He really needs to nut up. Got any advice for me to tell him?
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