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Today's workout highlights:

Flat barbell bench:
175 x 3
175 x 1.5-2

Getting closer to returning to 185 lbs for reps. Need to return to that and move forward into 200+ lbs for reps. Form improved more today. Still somewhat dissatisfied with this tough, gotta get more weight on the bar.

Incline DB:
45 x 10
45 x 10

Ez-Bar Curls:
Worked up to 2 plates and a 5 lb plate on each side for 5-6 reps, a couple more forced reps

Tricep pushdowns:
Worked up to 60-70 lbs using a different handle than normal, felt good

Youtube channel has been doing decent as well, so that's good. Only terrible thing is I spilt water on my digital camera this morning and now it won't start :S.

Physical therapy has been going decent, got my stitches taken out yesterday, taking things to a new level/notch this month. Time to get healthy/swole.
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