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Default Conventional Deadlift Myth

Adding in a section I call the Deadlift myth! Everytime someone fails a deadlift, they come up with these lame excuses that they couldn't properly engage their hamstrings, or activate their quads or utilize their upper back, and start over analyzing their failure, and almost 9times out of 10 I read a response "get your butt down", "Set up Lower", "keep your head up" and 9/10 times it is the wrong answer.

It is a myth to think by simply lifting at a lower angle putting you at a deficit in starting point that you are going to lift MORE!

Question, Can you ATG squat more then you quarter squat? NO!? Well what makes you think pulling from a position where you barely have any tension in you back, triceps and quads is going to help you!? I am not saying this applies to anyone here, or all responses, but that it is more complex then just saying get lower. The proper response should be, did you go over your check list!?

Stand fully erect over the bar.

Place the bar over the middle of your foot.

Flexing your triceps, squeezing your shoulder blades,lats,upper back-

Lower your slowly until you can just grip the bar and pull the slack out.

Now without moving the bar around, bring you shins to the bar and pull up.

Commit to the lift, you should try to break the bar off the ground as soon as your shoot your shins and hips into the bar, driving with the quads to get the weight off the ground then transitioning to your hamstrings.

Most people use their lower backs when they deadlift because they set up way to low. This is because misgroove and when they try to break the weighr off the ground and are not set up tight and tense, they don't drive into the bar but instead they pull from a much more extended and stretched out position because they did not set up correct and then try to muscle it up stiff legged because they did not drive up properly.

Now,some people have short arms and weird builds and do need to get lower, but that is because they are not following the checklist. Sumo deadlifting is different because the bar is being pulled from a much different angle so you can keep your head higher and more erect. Just remember a conventional deadlift is much more closer to a pendlay row then an upright row.

Look how Konstantinovs sets up:

Look how Bolton sets up:

Look how Benni sets up:

I don't see any of these guys butts going as low as parallel before deadlifting

The only big deadlifter who gets away with breaking flex in his arms is MISHA, and that is because he is an olympic lifter, so he is used to pulling that way and has incredible speed and a hook grip, but mind you he as already injured is biceps once already. And he dips down fast, then explodes up, he doesn't let his body outstrech but instead stays tight and catches it :
Misha K:
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