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Sorry for the lack of updates lately guys, here's a new video update from today:

Originally Posted by big_swede View Post
Good work D, keep pushing!

More update info: Knee manipulation results didn't go AS good as expected, I was excited that I would have full ROM back, but realistically not only was that probably not possible to gain 45-50 degrees of knee flexion from one manipulation (if they worked that great, everyone with knee injuries would get them lol), but what was done in the hospital the 2 days after my surgery, unfortunately, wasn't optimal, in my opinion. The hot female therapists I had in the hospital didn't really push me too much to keep great ROM going, and my doctor discussed how most people who keep the ROM he gets the first couple days end up keeping most of it before surgery. Well they didn't really push me (the therapists), so my ROM didn't improve as much as it COULD have IMO, but still has improved a decent bit.

I go back to see my specialist/surgeon in a week though, and it should be interesting to see what he says. More than likely, I'll probably have to have another manipulation done. Which is kind of disappointing as it swells up your knee which hurts strength and, therefore, slows down me starting squatting, but at the same time I'll do whatever it takes to get healthy.
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