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I am posting a secction from an article Writen by Coach Poliquin...i wish i would have found this years ago! LOL!

These are the reasons why i dont bulk-up anymore. I learned this the hard way LOL! years ago i used to get up to 230 lbs in the offseason and after several attemps to put extra muscle i realized that this nonsense approcah dont work. The body can only grow muscle at a pre-deteminated rate and by overfeeding the only tissue filling the t-shirts will be fat

here we go (from coach poliquin's article)

ANTI-BULKING FACT #1. Bulking-up diet programs won’t produce any more muscle growth than ingesting an ideal amount of nutrients. Sorry, but it’s simply not possible to force additional muscle growth by overfeeding.

ANTI-BULKING FACT #2. Bulking up develops insulin resistance, which makes it harder in the long run to gain muscle. What happens when you bulk up is that carbohydrates will go preferentially to fat stores, not to muscle tissue.

ANTI-BULKING FACT #3. Bulking up will make it harder for you to get leaner because insulin resistance is hard to reverse. The fatter you get, the harder it becomes to get lean. Female bodybuilders learn this fact quickly, as it is considerably harder for women to reach the low body-fat levels required for competition.

ANTI-BULKING FACT #4. The fatter you get, the more aromatase enzyme your body will produce. In the extreme, getting fat could be considered a form of self-castration, as your own testosterone will be converted into the female hormone estrogen and you will suffer many unwanted side effects. If you’re a man and you enjoy wearing a bra, go right ahead and get fatter.

ANTI-BULKING FACT #5. Getting fatter will ramp down the effectiveness of your thyroid hormone production – not a good thing, because thyroid production is essential for fat loss. The fatter your abdominal wall becomes, the less conversion there will be of T4 to T3, the metabolically active form of thyroid.

ANTI-BULKING FACT #6. The lower your percentage of body fat, the better your body becomes at nutrient partitioning. This means individuals with low body fat are more effective at storing the ingested nutrients in the muscle (as muscle tissue or glycogen) or in the liver (as glycogen) and less effective at storing nutrients as body fat. To put it in simpler terms, leaner individuals can eat more nutrients without gaining fat.

ANTI-BULKING FACT #7. The idea that “a calorie is a calorie” is a bunch of bunk. Calories from sweet potatoes are great for building muscle; calories from beer are not. For that matter, getting fat increases the risk of dying from any cause, even terrorist attacks. I’m serious – you’re a bigger target and you can’t get out of danger as fast.
This is from Francisco's log. He is a natural pro bodybuilder. ^^^^

I personally just got done with a 10 month bulk and I added a lot of muscle. But losing the fat gets harder every time. I shot for over 4000 calories for a while then I just ate whatever I saw. I probably have about 25 pounds of fat to lose to go along with HOPEFULLY 10 pounds of muscle. Take from it what you will, but if you want to bulk I recommend a clean bulk but keep the calories pretty high and bust it in the gym. Make sure you have good amounts of carbs and protein post workout. Also, don't skimp on the healthy fats.

Hope that helps.
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