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Originally Posted by MuscleandBrawn View Post
I would limit training to maybe twice a week, ala strength coach John Christy. Train in the 5-10 rep range, and keep the focus on progression. This will help you keep strong, and add muscle. And free up time.
I was going to add that my other thought would be to test out the program that I'm basing the e-book on. It's that "two-day" workout that I posted before.

It really fits my time constraints and goals that I want to accomplish. The only challenge is that Tuesdays is an all-bench session so I wouldn't be able to get a full body workout in on that day. I think I'll just try to modify that.

Here's the original post and program:

One other thing that is on my list is designing a new website. I am working with a designer, but I need to do some wordsmithing and get a shit ton of pictures taken. I really hate that. lol

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