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Default Help me pick a priority

I've mentioned this a few times, but I'm sure not everyone has read every single post I've written. Hopefully I won't keep repeating this. Any-Hways, I'm an electrical engineer that is desperately trying to make the switch to gym owner/trainer/writer.

On my plate is:
  • Studying for the CSCS.
  • Writing for my website.
  • Writing an e-book training program.
  • Training/Trying to gain more online clients.
  • My day job.
  • Attempting to get in the gym.

The last one is the one I am struggling with. I, for the life of me, cannot choose a goal and stick with it.

On one hand, I just want to continue training for powerlifting competitions. I love moving heavy weight (heavy to me that is, lol) for 1 and 2 reps.

On the other, I feel like I can stand to gain about 10-15lb. of muscle, lose that amount in fat, and still be a "jacked out of my mind" 185lb'er. In other words, hypertrophy. Not to mention, the added mass, I would hope, would also correlate to bigger lifts once I returned to a powerlifting routine.

The other issue I'm having is actually getting to the gym more than once or twice a week. That other shit I listed takes up an incredible amount of time, and I'm considering adding even more to my plate. I'm just at a loss of how to prioritize shit right now. I LOVE to train, but right now, it seems like my efforts should be concentrated on making the career switch and everything that goes along with it.

Any advice? What would you do?

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