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Using an ultra-wide squat stance without a suit or briefs will murder your hips. If you're squatting raw (which you are), you want your feet slightly wider than shoulder width.

Weakness at the bottom usually means weak glutes and hams. Hit some glute ham raises and deficit DL's like you said.

I'm gonna guess you tried twin cities barbell. I emailed the guy a couple times and he was very short with me. I'd say to get in a weekend session up at The Press every week. We may even run into eachother.

Edit - Just saw your added post on benching. The "pause" is no defined length of time, it's whenever the judge sees that the bar has come to a complete rest. You really only need to work on that leading up to the meet. Until then, just focus on increasing weight, but be mindful that you're going to need extra work to "get out of the hole".

There is nothing "smart" about a 3rd attempt deadlift.

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