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Originally Posted by strkout35 View Post
nice log man, love seeing the videos. keep up the good work
Thanks man, appreciate that.

Update: Went in today and did shoulders. Highlights were I was able to get 55s again for some good reps on DB SP. Really trying to keep the weight up on everything despite being in a knee brace and not having full-body power so that whenever I get healthy I'm able to really start moving some weight. Should be able to get up to 70-80s on DB shoulder presses in the next 2-3 months as well!

Hit back yesterday but it was a pretty "meh" session as I just did a few different pulldown variations to try getting the lats a good stretch.

Going in to get scar tissue removed from my knee tomorrow and they're going to manipulate it to bend more. Hopefully it goes really well. Only minor risks are if he bends it too far there could be a bone break or it might tear my patella tendon, but those aren't likely, so I'm definitely positive going in that it'll turn out well.
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