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Default More food for thought.....DOMS

The CNS thread is really good for most of us to just be thinking out loud. It really is a pseudo-science at this point in time. I train with a guy getting his PhD in Exercise Physiology and he focuses mainly on the CNS. That's where a lot of my info comes from (along with all my time under the bar). Even he (and his colleagues) admits that no one really "gets it", but we know that it most definitely affects our performance.

So, here is another subject that no one can really explain, yet everyone seems to have an opinion on it: DOMS.

I think most people (or at least it seems) agree that they're caused by tiny, intramuscular tears. What I am still trying to decide is:

Does DOMS mean growth?

Are DOMS required in order to make gains?

If you DON'T feel DOMS after a training session, was that training session even effective?

If you DON'T feel DOMS after a training session, is that the cue to switch up your routine in order to hit the targeted muscle group at a different angle?

Is there a point where you should stop getting DOMS altogether?

Right now, I'm at the point where I "think" you should feel DOMS after a training session. I'm not positive that DOMS = Growth (or strength gains). However, I do think that DOMS = you activated previously dormant fibers. Therefore, if you don't feel DOMS, you didn't hit new fibers, and the workout wasn't effective.

That's just my personal belief. I am open to hear other suggestions. Discuss...

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